xQc applauds Pokimane for ‘morals and ethics’ remark, trolls say ‘they’re all hypocrites’

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Felix Lengyel aka xQc has recently become the center of attention along with Pokimane.

xQc has responded to accusations that he was called a “skitso” following his reaction to Pokimane’s comments about morality.

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Pokimane has also gained attention with the launch of her new company, Myna Snacks.

However, the announcement was not without controversy as Pokimane faced backlash, prompting her to issue an apology on X, formerly known as Twitter.

In response to the criticism, she released a video expressing concerns about the prices of her snacks.

Notably, the Myna Snacks launch drew criticism for its perceived similarity to Toatzy’s Midnight Mini Cookies, previously available at Costco.

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How did xQc react to Pokimane’s statements about morality and ethics?

xQc responded to accusations that he was called a “skitso” after his reaction to Pokimane’s comments about morality (@xqcow1, @pokimanelol/ Instagram)

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In a recent live stream, xQc watched a video of Pokimane discussing his moral and ethical values, which caught his attention.

To provide context, Pokimane previously called out xQc following his lucrative $100 million deal with Kick.

In response to questions from her fans about joining Kick, Pokimane said she would not compromise her “morals and ethics for financial gain.”

This prompted xQc to delve further into Pokimane’s statements regarding allegations regarding her new company’s pricing.

In the video, Pokimane said: “And it’s not because I have $10 million. It’s simply because I’m good the way I am. Why would I compromise my morals and ethics for more money when I have money? Personally, something about this confuses me.”

Pokimane added: “For me to do shit when I have my own, I don’t like you. How can anyone put this into words better than I can? It’s almost awkward.”

In response, xQc recalled events that occurred earlier this year during which he was nicknamed “skitso.”

This term, which refers to the mental disorder schizophrenia, includes symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, and severe disturbances in thinking and behavior, often leading to impairment of daily functioning and potential disability.

xQc stated: “So he doesn’t, so I’m sure he doesn’t, ok. People have been calling me skitso and crazy all year. for that a little, ok, I guess I’m not mad about it. I won’t be angry, it doesn’t matter.

xQc concluded: “I’ve been called a skitso, crazy and listening to voices. This shit got me called a drugged rat. For talking about this for almost a year. Fine. And yo, I mean crap. True.”

The Internet reacted to xQc and Pokimane’s statements during the live broadcast

Pokimane uses a filter to look good while streaming (pokimanelol/Instagram)
The Internet has dubbed Pokimane “cringing” (pokimanelol/Instagram)

After watching xQc’s reaction video to Pokimane, many viewers took to the comments section to express their opinions.

One fan took issue with Pokimane, saying, “What’s annoying is that she acts like she doesn’t want more than $10 million while she’s running a cookie scam like she wasn’t cringing with envy after how little bro signed with Kick.”

Another fan playfully teased Pokimane, saying, “Pokimane always makes me cringe at every word that comes out of her mouth.”

A third fan responded to Pokimane’s claims, noting: “What’s funnier is that she probably won’t even make 10 million on this deal lol.”

One user criticized xQc and Pokimane, saying: “They’re all hypocrites.”

The fifth called Pokimane “Kringemane”.

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