X-Files ending explained: What happens to William?

By Chris Carter The X-Files It is an iconic science fiction series that has been running since 1993. Lasting for a total of 11 seasons and 218 episodes, The X-Files featured Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in its main cast.

The story of The X-Files mainly revolves around Fox Mulder, who is a true believer in aliens and other conspiracies. Because Fox is so unwanted by the FBI, he is placed in the “X-Files” division, which deals with events that normal science cannot explain. Along with Dana Scully, a doctor who is not a believer, Mulder makes it his mission to explore the miracles.

Although The X-Files was initially a hit, over the years, its dragged-out plot led to a decline in quality, and the ending it showed in the series finale was somewhat underwhelming, considering how absorbing The X-Files was in its early days. day

The X-Files: What Happens in the Series Finale?

In the X-Files series finale, we see Scully seeing visions in her head that seem to be connected to her son William/Jackson. Although neither of them have ever met, Scully and William get these violent images in their heads, and that’s how they can sense each other’s presence.

The Cigarette Smoking Man Shoots William (Credit: Fox)

William recalls his past, and we are shown that he grew up with special powers and was eventually targeted by the government. Kirsh watches the live stream that shows Mulder talking about a conspiracy where aliens will invade Earth and spread disease soon, so he tells Skinner to find him and shut down the X-Files.

Dana revealed that he was the one who posted the information about the attack online. Monica calls Mulder and tells him to come to Braddock ATCA so she can save her son from being transported. Scully thinks that this is not true and that William is not on the plane.

To avoid any risk, Mulder goes to the airport anyway. He tries to hide in the facility but has to fight his way out after being spotted. Scully finds a way to find out William’s location, and Mulder rushes to the location. It is now a race between CSM and Mulder to find William first.

Scully informs Mally Show about an infectious disease that will soon be unleashed on humans and is of alien origin. Mulder reaches out to William, but their father-son moment is ruined when they are ambushed by government agents. William escapes and later scolds Mulder for not finding his mother. The real Mulder arrives and tries to stop William.

The X-Files: The Ending Explained

As we approach the series finale of The X-Files, Mulder is cornered by a cigarette smoker. He revealed that William was his child, with whom he had created science. CSM shoots Mulder, and he falls into the water below.

In a surprising twist, we find out that the man CSM shot was William, and the real Mulder arrives and shoots him. Scully eventually lets Mulder know that William was a government experiment, even though she gave birth to him as a normal baby.

X-Files ending explained
William is shown alive (Credit: Fox)

Mulder is devastated to find out that he is not the real father, but then Scully reveals that she is pregnant again, although the chances were previously slim. In later scenes, William returns to shore, alive and well.

Since he was created in a lab, William mixed alien DNA into him, making him somewhat immortal. The finale of The X-Files shows Mulder and Scully finally carrying a miracle baby, who will hopefully be a normal person and not the product of some crazy experiment.

Scully and Mulder brought William back to this world in season 8 when he was shown pregnant despite being infertile. When her first child, Emily, died and went missing, Scully gave up hope of having another child.

It’s possible that later, Scully decided to use IVF-like methods to conceive William, but CSM knew about it and used it as an opportunity to become William’s father.

When William is born, Scully and Mulder learn that he has special powers and give him up for adoption to keep him safe and away from prying eyes. The reason Scully gave birth to William could also be because she was fertile again and could have another child without any problems since she had otherworldly powers.

Now that William was old enough to fend for himself, he could stay away from government as he had always hoped. The Fox show’s open ending leaves a lot unanswered, but it gives us a chance to imagine our perfect ending for a show as intriguing as The X-Files.

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