Who runs Media Matters? Megyn Kelly criticized the media ahead of Elon Musk’s “thermonuclear” lawsuit

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: In a bold move against Media Matters and its president Angelo Carusone, X (formerly Twitter) is gearing up for a legal battle that will see celebrities like Megyn Kelly coming to Elon Musk’s defense.

Media Matters allegations and advertiser exodus

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The clash stems from allegations by Media Matters that advertisements from major brands were appearing next to anti-Semitic content on the social media platform, leading to a wave of advertisers leaving the site.

Carusone, known for his criticism of Musk’s 2022 takeover of Company X, accuses Musk of steering the platform toward becoming a hub for hate speech rather than providing reasonable oversight. He has actively urged advertisers to distance themselves from X if Musk continues what he perceives as the “radicalization” of the platform.

The controversy escalated when Media Matters published a report alleging that advertisements from famous brands were running next to posts promoting Nazism. That prompted IBM, Comcast and other advertisers to pull their ads from X, tightening control over Musk’s management.

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Linda Yaccarino, X’s chief executive, assured employees that the company was committed to combating anti-Semitism and discrimination. However, Carusone disputed these claims, arguing that X’s system, which X said would prevent ads from appearing next to harmful content, did not work as promised.

“If you’re looking for white nationalist content, you’ll see that advertising is rampant. The system they say exists does not work as such,” he said.

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Musk retaliated on Saturday, November 18, announcing a “thermonuclear” lawsuit against Media Matters and others involved in what he called a “fraudulent attack” on X.

Megyn Kelly supports Elon Musk

Celebrities including Megyn Kelly have expressed their support for Musk, with Kelly accusing Media Matters of having a “goal” to fire conservatives. She spoke about her own experience with Media Matters.

“Ever since I joined Fox and started speaking, they’ve taken everything I’ve said completely out of context, tried to turn it into a controversy, and then tried to fire me,” Kelly began.

“I mean, over and over and over again throughout my career… including my time at NBC. They promoted and promoted and promoted everything I said, which could cause controversy online,” she continued.

“Their only goal is to get conservatives fired, to get every center right fired, destroyed and abolished. That’s why they exist.”

“I can’t believe these big blue chip companies are jumping when Media Matters is talking about jumping. Are they so ignorant that they don’t realize that this is a hacker organization and that nothing this group does can be trusted?” she asked.

Amid legal threats and a media frenzy, Carusone refuted Musk’s account, saying Musk is not the champion of free speech he claims to be, but rather a “bully” trying to silence accurate reporting.

“Musk is not at all the defender of free speech that he claims to be. He is a bully who threatens baseless lawsuits in an attempt to silence reports that he has even confirmed are accurate. Musk admitted that the ad in question was placed next to pro-Nazi content that we identified,” Carusone said.

X responded to the controversy by restricting accounts found to be posting anti-Semitic material, banning them from earning income, and labeling certain posts as “sensitive media.”

Musk, however, continued to call Media Matters an “evil organization” and even drew criticism from the White House after agreeing with a post on X that falsely claimed that Jews were inciting hatred against white people.

Reaction on social networks

Social media was flooded with reactions, with many thanking Kelly for supporting Musk.

“Glad to see you supporting Elon. If we don’t stand up now… when will we?” one published on X.

“Thank you @megynkelly! We support X and @elonmusk!” another wrote.

“These vile scumbags must be punished through the courts. So happy I got involved with the wrong person,” someone else suggested.

“THEY will fall eventually!! Thank you for your support, Megyn!” another added.

Glad to see you supporting Elon. If we don’t stand up now… when will we?

— floridanow1 (@floridanow1) November 18, 2023

Thanks @megynkelly! We support X and @elonmusk!

— alexisrs (@alexrs2k) November 18, 2023

These vile scumbags must be judged. So happy they messed with the wrong person.

— SazzygirlinCali (@RjbRocklin) November 18, 2023

THEY will fall eventually!!

Thanks for your support, Megyn! 🫶🏻👊🏼

— FarmingInSA (@Farming_SA) November 18, 2023

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