What happened to Shirley Strawberry? Cheated on by her husband and their phone conversations leaked

You must have seen Shirley Strawberry co-hosting the Steve Harvey Morning Show, where she addressed her real-life issues, mainly related to her husband. However, he often attracts controversy. Shirley reads the ‘Strawberry Letter’ on the show, where she addresses topics related to marriage, family and more written by fans in letters.

Meanwhile, Shirley also hinted at her real-life issues and announced the release of a related show. Thus, her fans cannot resist peeking into her personal life. She was unaware of her husband’s true intentions and identity.

Shirley met Ernesto for the first time in 2013 After dating for a while, he proposed to her, and they married in 2015 Ernesto was a professional in the men’s grooming industry He owned ‘The 24-Hour Barber Shop’ in his hometown in 2005 at a petrol station. Shirley divorced her first husband and has a daughter, Sheridan.

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How Shirley was cheated by her husband

Shirley posted a video on Instagram in the summer of 2023 that was later deleted. However, those who watched the emotional video know how she allegedly used her name and money to buy luxury items like cars and houses without informing her husband.

Shirley became suspicious of the schemes Ernesto Williams was involved in and hired a private detective to follow him. Accordingly, the detective informed him about these claims with a further twist. Ernesto is accused of impregnating someone by cheating on Shirley. It was difficult for Shirley to move on. Still, he did it with the support of his colleagues.

Shirley Strawberry and Ernesto Williams (Credit: @mygirlshirley/Twitter)

Arrest of Ernesto

Shortly after Shirley released the emotional Instagram video mentioned above, Ernesto Williams was arrested for gun possession. He is accused of being involved in a credit card repair scam with his alleged mistress.

On top of that, Ernesto was arrested in 2022 for forgery, theft, gun possession and child pornography. He is being held without bond in the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta and will serve a twenty-three month sentence.

We don’t know if his sentence will increase and how his relationship with Shirley will be. Meanwhile, Ernesto’s supposed mistress remains on bond and awaits her trial. As MadameNoire reports, a jailhouse phone conversation between Ernesto and his mystery woman was leaked, in which he asked for her picture and made a strange remark.

Shirley and Ernesto’s jail phone conversation

Meanwhile, after the arrest, Shirley gets a chance to talk to Ernesto on the phone. Prison phone calls are leaked, and people learn what Shirley feels about Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie. It is still unknown who leaked the alleged conversation.

According to the awkward phone conversation, Shirley was uncomfortable with Marjorie’s presence at Harvey’s house. However, Steve is happy to see Harvey, Shirley and the others at his door and brings them inside. He often invites Shirley and his colleagues to his house, but Shirley avoids going there. He also praised Marjorie’s luxurious lifestyle in the conversation.

Steve and Marjorie Harvey
Steve and Marjorie Harvey (Credit: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Shirley apologized to Marjorie on the Steve Harvey Show when the conversation went viral. He did not expect the conversation to be leaked because it was not a rumor or gossip. It was about his family member Marjorie. Shirley knew what Marjorie was going through before the conversation leaked. Thus, he reassured Marjorie that he did not want to add to her problems.

Meanwhile, Steve Harvey worries about his wife’s reaction to the leaked conversation. He agrees to remain a God-fearing and loyal wife and claims that some ‘bottom feeders’ are targeting his wife.

Talking about Steve and Marjorie’s personal life, a Twitter user tweeted on 12 September 2020 praising Steve Harvey’s nature. According to the tweet, Steve is the best husband ever because he adopted Marjorie from her three children after the divorce. He forgave him for his worst deeds and taught us not to leave him who deceives him, even though some may not accept it.

Steve, on the other hand, reacted calmly to the leaked conversation. According to him, the ongoing controversy makes Shirley’s statement look ugly. He knew she had no bad intentions. According to Sandra Rose, Shirley did not speak to Ernesto for a long time after the prison phone call. Meanwhile, their divorce process is going on.

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