What happened to Lucy in Coronation Street?

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What happened to Lucy in Coronation Street?

Lucy Victoria Barlow was Simon’s mother and Peter Barlow’s second wife in the TV series Coronation Street. Shortly after their marriage, Lucy learned that Peter was having an extramarital affair with Shelley Unwin, which turned their relationship upside down. After learning this startling information, Lucy was forced to move to Australia, cutting off all contact with Peter and preventing him from seeing their four-month-old son, Simon. The tragic end to Lucy’s story in the series came when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away.

After Lucy’s death, her wishes were granted and Peter took on the role of caring for Simon, resulting in significant changes to his character arc. Coronation Street viewers are still struck by Lucy’s moving story and the impression she left on the program’s plot. Lucy Richards, in Coronation Street’s convoluted plot, is a florist who finds herself caught up in a complicated romantic triangle with Shelley Unwin and Peter Barlow. Their relationship began when Peter and Lucy met to buy a bouquet for Shelley. Their immediate infatuation led to an affair.

Unbeknownst to Peter, Lucy eventually confided her pregnancy to Tracy Barlow after hiring her at the flower store. When Tracy unwittingly told Peter about Lucy’s illness, he realized he was the father. Peter hastily married Lucy, promising her that his affair with the owner of the Rovers was over, even though he was promised to Shelley. But Lucy quickly drove him out of her life after discovering the truth. In early July 2003, Lucy gave birth to their son Simon, in the midst of their tumultuous relationship. At first, Lucy was reluctant to let Peter into Simon’s life. This led to a violent argument at the Rovers, during which Lucy showed Shelley her wedding photos, revealing Peter’s adultery.


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