Wake Forest University professor who quit after controversial remarks about war between Israel and Hamas feels abandoned

WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA: Laura Mullen, a former Wake Forest University professor who resigned from her position after making controversial comments about the conflict between Israel and Hamas, is expressing her feelings of abandonment by the institution where she once worked, the Daily reports. Mail. .

Mullen, who serves as the Kenan Chair in Humanities in the Department of English and Creative Writing at Wake Forest, came under fire after her inflammatory tweets endorsing the terrorist attack in Israel.

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JUST IN: Wake Forest University HUMANITIES professor resigns after saying she would be “tempted to shoot” ravers, as Hamas did in Israel during the Oct. 7 massacre.

Laura Mullen, who recently stepped down as Kenan Chair of Humanities in the Department of English and Creative Writing… pic.twitter.com/492WMg94Wt

— Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) November 21, 2023

Who is Laura Mullen?

Laura Mullen’s tweets allegedly glorifying the Hamas attack, which killed more than 1,200 people, sparked outrage and became the catalyst for her resignation.

“So that’s kind of it, but if you kick me out of my home, plow up my olive groves and imprison what’s left of my family in a poor little state that you run like an open-air prison, I might be tempted to make your dance party.” yes, even knowing that you will incinerate the earth,” Mullen wrote on X.

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Mullen has been at Wake Forest for more than two years following a nearly 17-year tenure as the McElveen Professor at Louisiana State University. Her academic background includes a BA in English from the College of Letters and Science at UC Berkeley and an MFA in Poetry from the University of Iowa.

Mullen’s resignation, described as “personal reasons,” came after disturbing tweets allegedly glorifying the terrorist attack that killed thousands.

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Expressing a sense of abandonment on the part of the university, Mullen reflected on Wake Forest’s response, stating, “[Wake Forest’s statement] it’s like if you watch animal movies and isolate one gazelle, it will get eaten. They kind of threw me to the wolves,” the school newspaper, the Wake Report, reported.

Laura Mullen has worked at Wake Forest for over two years (Wake Forest University).

Social media controversy surrounding Wake Forest University

Laura Mullen’s resignation has added to a series of social media controversies at Wake Forest University involving faculty and students.

Recent incidents, including the resignation of a medical student and the suspension of a tenured professor, have prompted significant public scrutiny and internal investigations.

(Wake Forest University/YouTube)
Laura Mullen’s resignation deepens a series of social media controversies at Wake Forest University. (Wake Forest University/YouTube)

Medical student Kichelle Del Rosario is facing intense backlash after a controversial tweet about intentionally skipping a patient’s vein, reportedly in response to mockery of her pronoun badge.

Although the university initially placed her on leave, an investigation concluded that her statement did not correspond to the actual incident, sparking debate about the institution’s response and possible consequences.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated development, tenured English professor Dr. Omaar Hena was facing leave of absence due to the circulation of explicit content online involving him.

Despite teaching at the university for 15 years, Hena’s actions led to an internal investigation and widespread discussion within the Wake Forest community.

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