Unmasking Rebecca Clopper: Twitter video controversy exposed

This is the time when people and celebrities are doing everything to go viral or throw themselves into controversy. Recently, Rebecca Klopper ran into a similar situation, and only time will tell what the real situation is.

An Indonesian soap actress, Rebecca Clopper, became an overnight sensation on Twitter when a private video of her, believed to be hers, started circulating on the social media platform.

Rebecca, who is 21 years old and famous for her role as Sasha in the series “Mermaid in Love”, has a huge following on the Internet. As a result, this incident has created quite a stir and discussion online.

Recently, a four-minute personal video of Rebecca Clopper has received significant attention on the Internet. The video also features an unidentified man. This video was not only widely shared on Twitter but also spread through Telegram and WhatsApp conversations.

Is Rebecca Clopper really in the viral video?

The person who resembled Rebecca Klopper had a mole on the left side of her stomach in the same spot and her outfit looked similar to something the actress had previously worn. Nevertheless, it is very important to emphasize that the woman in the candid video is definitely not the actress who appeared in “Pretending to be Shy.”

At the time of writing this article, the soap actress has not made any statement or comment about the scandal.

Who is Rebecca Clopper?

The actress was born on November 21, 2001 in Malang, Indonesia.

According to popular bio, his net worth is estimated between one and three million dollars. She is considered one of the most accomplished TV actresses in Indonesia and is ranked number one in the list of “Most Popular Indonesian Television Actresses”.

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Rebecca Clopper made her video go viral on Twitter (Credit: Moviespy)

Some of his favorite works include “Catatan Sea Boy,” “Love Like the Falling Rain,” “Virgo and the Sparklings,” “Reaching Dreams Together,” “Malu Malu Cat,” and “Mermaid in Love,” among others. Besides her acting talent, she has also tried her hand at singing. She released her debut single “Reaching Dreams” in 2013.

He comes from a family with his parents, James and Rebecca Clopper, and two siblings, Jessica Clopper and Oscar Clopper. It is worth noting that Klopper was nominated as an Outstanding FTV Actress at the Bandung Film Festival, which underlines her talent and achievements. His widespread fame is evident from his large Instagram following, where he has over 5.1 million followers.

This is not the first time the actress has faced controversy. In June, there was a similar incident where a revealing video went viral on the internet. In response, he held a press conference with his partner, Fadli Faisal, and attorney Sandy Arifin, where he apologized.

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Fadli Faisal Setia with Rebecca Clopper (Credit: VOI)

He said he sincerely apologized to the people of Indonesia. Some time ago, there was a bad news about him that shocked many Indonesians, and he is deeply sorry for the trouble it caused.

Her lawyer also shared that the actress was deeply shaken by the incident and needed “psychological support” to deal with the emotional pain. When news outlet Beritasatu reached out to his attorney about the latest video, he replied that he did not know about it.

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