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Tyler Stanland is an American real estate businessman, surfer and media personality known for his marriage to Brittany Snow and his work on the hit Netflix series “Selling the OC”, which covers the operations of high-end real estate brokerage firm The Oppenheim Group. .

While the Oppenheim Group expanded their work into what later became “Sailing Sunset”, that spin-off introduced us to other cast members and featured Stanland in a prominent way. His work as a real estate broker and his relationship with Brittany Snow were featured. But putting those things aside, just how rich is Tyler? What is Tyler Stanland’s net worth? Did that divorce affect his finances? Let’s put this man, his life, and his trajectory under the microscope and try to understand the current state of his finances.

Tyler Stanland and Brittany Snow at the Emmys (Credit: Entertainment Tonight YouTube Channel)

Who is Tyler Stanland?

Tyler Stanland was born in Laguna Beach, California to a loving family that worked in real estate for several years. It goes without saying that Tyler has real estate in his blood. A fifth generation realtor, the man knows how to sell a home. He attended Orange County College and earned a degree in comms from Vanguard University in Southern California. After studying, Tyler decided it was time to cool off, so he grabbed his surfboard and hit the shore.

To pay the bills, Tyler took the exam and got a license in real estate before he was twenty, but he combined his talent in real estate with his talent for riding waves, even managing to win a contest or two. Special niche.

He then went to work for HÔM Sotheby’s International Realty and combined that gig with a managing job at a clothesline retail chain, because if anything, Tyler loved to surf.

After a gig with HÔM Sotheby’s International Realty came a job opportunity with Hilton & Hyland. He stayed there for a while, then went with Villa Real Estate and then took a job with the Oppenheim Group.

Tyler is as cool as a Californian surfer turned real estate broker, he has a very active social media profile full of ocean and beach pictures, the guy loves the shore and describes himself as an ocean dweller on his profile.

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Tyler’s wedding

After dating her for over two years, Tyler married actress Brittany Snow in March 2020. They had a California romance, Tyler sent her a DM on his social media profile and then went on a first date at a local Mexican taco joint, they got engaged in 2019, but later divorced in 2022 when the first season of Selling the OC started on Netflix.

After a court battle full of undisclosed details, the former couple ended their marriage in July 2023, with Tyler claiming she was trying to get over him. He avoids mentioning her, saying it’s “irreconcilable differences” stuff.

Tyler Stanland Net Worth
Tyler and Britney at an event (Credit: Rumor Juice YouTube Channel)

Tyler Stanland Net Worth

Before talking about Tyler Stanland’s net worth, it is important to know that the majority of a real estate agent’s income comes from sales commissions. This is true even of the top agents in wealthy Orange County.

Also, the Netflix show makes it very clear that realtors get a 3% cut of the gross price when they sell high-end properties worth more than $1 million. But it is important to know that 3% do not go to agents. Instead, it is broken down and given to the buyer’s agent, the property listing agent, and the brokers involved in the deal.

Tyler has sold properties worth $11 million to $39 million in the past year. This added a lot to his annual income, although he did not often share his list with the public. We think Tyler’s current net worth is closer to $4 million, based on these earnings, his long career as a realtor, his previous job as a surfer, and his chance to be on a Netflix show.

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