Top Boy season 5 finale explained: Who dies at the end of Top Boy?

If you’ve watched Top Boy season 5, you’re wondering who dies at the end, so here it is Top Boy Season 5 Finale Explained. The final season of Top Boy, which has been waiting for more than ten years since its pilot episode aired, is now available on Netflix.

According to the show’s advertising tagline, it gives viewers a resolution to Sully and Dushan’s story that leaves “no loose ends”. Netflix may refer to this season as “Season 3”, but the show has actually been running for five seasons as Top Boy: Summerhouse since the streamer renamed the first two Channel 4 seasons.

At the start of Top Boy’s final season, tragedy strikes the life of ruthless drug dealer Jack (Jasmine Jobson) when his sister Lorraine (Saffron Hocking), who suffered from postpartum depression and heroin addiction, drowns in her bathtub.

Jack betrays his boss, drug lord Sully (Ken Robinson), with the help of friend Kieron (Joshua Blissett) and takes his large amount of cocaine to save his young nephew from the same terrifying force that claimed Lauryn’s life.

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Top Boy Season 5 Finale Explained

Kieron is murdered by Sully after discovering his role in the robbery. Jack subsequently agrees to return the tablets to Sully on the condition that he, his lover Becks (Adoya Aboah), and Lorin’s unborn child are given a “pass” and allowed to start a new life without fear of retribution due to concerns for his safety. And that of his loved ones.

Sully commits to considering the deal, but Dushane (Ashley Walters) surprises Jack when he goes to the exchange, robs him of the drugs, and leaves Jack at the meeting with no power. Sully, enraged, warns his old lieutenant that the deal is off and that he will have no mercy for him.

When we last see Zak, he’s neutralizing the threat posed by both Sully and Dushane, returning to Bex and the children (more on that later). The immediate threat is no longer there, but will Zak keep his promise and give up the drug business for the benefit of his nephew?

The audience will have to decide what happens to him in the end. In the first scene of the final episode of Top Boy, the former drug lord returns to Dushane Summerhouse Estate and hides from the police in his late mother’s abandoned apartment.

When Duchene learns that his business partners have cheated him out of £16 million, he goes into a murderous rage and brutally kills drug dealer Jeffrey Dalton (Sean Dingwall) as soon as he is told the bad news.

MIT quickly identified Dushan as the prime suspect due to the abundance of his prints at the murder scene. With the help of the influential Isaac (Arsher Ali), he plans to leave the country and set up business in Turkey, but he needs money to ensure his safety.

Dushane steals Sully’s drug cache from Zak out of desperation, and Isaac agrees to deploy infantry to free Dushane from the summerhouse in exchange for a share of the loot. Isaac’s men are shot dead when they reach the pick-up area when Sully sees Duchene heading towards the extraction point and chases him through the estate.

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In a last-ditch attempt to escape on foot with the drugs, Dushan is shot in the stomach by Sully as he scales a closed gate carrying the cache. Sully claims that he would have paid Duchene to leave the country, but Duchene maintains that they were “done” and that he had “no choice” but to rob Zak.

Top Boy Season 5 (Credit: Netflix)

The two former friends had a fight when they parted at the gate. When Dushan argues that they were once “brothers”, Sully insists that Dushan only used him and never showed him any respect.

They begin to unravel their connection, bringing up past grudges. I respect you, family,” replied a worn-out Dushan, his wound terminal. He admits to Sully, thinking about their violent past, “You were right. Without the corpse, “it cannot go on.”

Sully tries to defend his actions and the crimes he’s committed, which now includes killing his oldest friend, as Dushan draws his last breath: “Look where we came from. Check it out. We’re food if we’re not monsters, and I’ll never can’t be food

Dushan stops talking as Summerhouse’s once-best boy finally dies in a pool of blood on the sidewalk. The previous season of Top Boy came to a devastating conclusion when Sully killed Jamie (Michael Ward), Dushan’s chosen successor, in front of Steph (Araloine Oshunremi) and Aaron (Hope Ikpoku Jr), Jamie’s younger brothers.

Steph is living in care when this last adventure begins; We are informed that Aaron has a job and has moved to Leeds. But for Steph, there seems to be no way out of Summerhouse or Sully, who terrorizes the young teenagers and their mates, led by Simon (Dudley O’Shaughnessy).

Steph, who has been struggling with her need for revenge throughout the season, confronts Sully in the season finale of Top Boy, holding him at gunpoint in a nearby park after receiving a firearm from Simon.

He asks his brother’s killer, “How do you feel?” A shattered Sully replies, “Honestly, Stefan, I was done long ago.” Sully explains to Stef that he “had to, just like you have to” when he killed Jamie. In my case it is better. But Steph isn’t going to act like Sully.

He lowered his weapon and told his opponent, “You don’t deserve this.” Sully is sitting in her car after an argument with Steph when a gunshot is heard, and blood splatters on the windshield.

The last scene of the program shows a figure – Sully’s killer – walking past a car after being shot in the head. We cannot see the shooter as the broken glass of the automobile window blocks their view for less than a second. So who killed Sully?

Top Boy Season 5
Top Boy Season 5 (Credit: Netflix)

The most obvious response would seem to be Stiff; Perhaps, after choosing to save Sully, he changed his mind and returned to follow through on his threat. The shadowy figure has clothing comparable to Steph’s, including a hooded, dark jacket.

However, there are alternative options. Zak had every right to follow Sully because he knew that he, Bex and the baby wouldn’t be safe as long as she was present. Perhaps to protect his family and exact revenge for Kieron’s murder, he shot Sully or sent someone to do it.

As revenge for killing his two thugs, Isaac might have sent a hitman for Sully. Another very likely scenario is that Sully was killed by the McGees. At the beginning of the season, Sully and Dushan lead the way with this Irish family, a “big time” crime family looking to expand.

The McGees try to convince Sully and Duchene to accept them as their business partners through Johnny (Barry Keoghan) and Tadgh (Brian Gleeson), who are acting as their representatives.

Refusing to panic, Sully and Dushane kill the two and take their stash of drugs. The cache is then taken by Jaq and Dushane and eventually returned to Sully, where it remains until Sully’s death.

Despite the McGee’s reputed wealth and power, our boys seem to escape punishment for murdering two of their number and fleeing with their booty. If Sully’s death is not avenged?

Perhaps Steph—perhaps the candidate—kills Sully, thinking of choosing the noble path before deciding to turn evil. We may be overthinking it. Or perhaps the point is that everything is ambiguous.

Top Boy Season 5
Top Boy Season 5 (Credit: Netflix)

Due to Sully and Dushan’s lifestyle, it may not matter who did the shooting in the end because they are bound to get into trouble at some point. Although they are no longer here, the impact of their actions will last long and the cycle of violence will continue.

The last episode has a staggering number of kills, making it hard to count. Thus ends the fifth season. On Sully’s orders, Junior kills Kyron. In a gunfight with Latif’s men, Junior died. Suli kills Dushan. Sully is killed by an unknown person, possibly Stefan.

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