Top Boy Season 3 Filming Locations: All Locations Revealed!

Crime thriller Top Boy is always in discussion and we will add more to that discussion. However, in this post, you can find out where Top Boy Season 3 was originally filmed. We will see all filming locations in detail. The first season of Top Boy premiered on 3rd November 2011 and the show is now in its fifth season.

The plot of “Top Boy” revolves around housing estates in and around East London. There was always chaos in a certain area and so was this area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLondon. However, what hurts and disturbs the most are the innocent people who live there. Basically, there is an ongoing conflict between the drug cartels and the common people.

These drug cartels often live a free life and operate openly which is illegal and those who want nothing more than an honest life suffer because of this environment. They are made subjects of this crime prone area. Dushan, a drug dealer who joins the area, is 20 years old and wants to be the top boy of the area as the title suggests.

Taking action against her is the teenage boy Ra’nel who is sweet, innocent and emotionally vulnerable. About her tough childhood, she is much more mature than her age and now she is involved in this Top Boy conflict. The show ranges from life reality to gangster life, witty humor to human innocence and much more.

Joining the cast of Top Boy Season 3 are Ashley Walters as Dushan, Giacomo Mancini as Jem, Malcolm Camulet as Ra’nel, Ken Robinson as Sully, Sharon Duncan-Brewster as Lisa, Shawn Romulus as Dries, Xavien Russell as Michael, Joshua Blissett Starring Kieron, Geoff Bell as Bobby Raikes, Araloine Oshunremi as Stefan, Jasmine Jobson as Jack and Savannah Graham as Erin.

So, now without further ado, let’s take a look at where Top Boy Season 3 has been shot.

Top Boy Season 3 Filming Locations

The crime thriller, “Top Boy Season 3,” is considered to be the best execution of all seasons and that’s what makes us want to know more about it. The makers have provided the best possible to the audience and the entire shooting of Top Boy Season 3 is restricted to certain regions.

All the locations of “Top Boy Season 3” have upgraded the original nature of the show as we have seen in the episodes. Dark streets, tall buildings, neighborhoods, hidden places and everything else looked great. The shooting of Top Boy Season 3 began in early 2019 So, let’s move on to see the filming locations of Top Boy Season 3

London, United Kingdom

Most of Top Boy season 3 was shot in and around London like all the other seasons. As you will have read above, the premise of the series mainly revolves around the people of East London, so it was a convenient choice to shoot the show in the same background.

Hackney, London

Top Boy 3 is primarily shot on the fictional Summerhouse Estate, which is located in Hackney, East London. The property concept for the show was inspired by the de Beauvoir estate in Hackney. Although there are many other filming sites that the makers have chosen, however, London is still the constant shooting spot for the show.

De Beauvoir Estate in Hackney (Credit: Flickr)

Ramsgate, Kent, England

You’ll notice a number of pubs and railway stations during the season, all of them located in Ramsgate on the east coast of Kent. It is a beautiful city and its sea-based heritage makes it an even more intriguing place to visit. You must visit Ramsgate and you will have the most serene view from where you stand.

Where is Top Boy Season 3 shot?
Ramsgate, Kent (Credit: CK Travels)

Margate, Kent, England

The beach scenes you saw in season three were filmed at Walpole Bay Beach and Fulsome Rock Beach in Margate. These places served as the perfect setting for the series. You can visit these beaches in Margate anytime with your loved ones.

Top Boy Season 3 Cast
Walpole Bay, Margate Credit: TripAdvisor

However, during the shoot, some of the crew members were also spotted in Jamaica shooting BTS. Thus, these were all the filming locations of Top Boy Season 3.

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