There are some US cities in the forecast cone with the threat of dangerous currents from Hurricane Lee

Now in the forecast cone, including some cities in the northeast. Hurricane Lee It remains a major, major hurricane as it crosses the Atlantic Ocean.

Fox Weather reports that dangerous surf and rip currents have begun along much of the US East Coast and will worsen as the week continues.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) cited FOX Weather as saying Last tip Hurricane Lee showed sustained winds of 115 mph with some high gusts, making it a Category 3. Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

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Hurricane Lee forecast cone. (Fox Weather)

And for the first time History of LeeLand was included in Monday’s forecast cone. NantucketMassachusetts, which remains at the extreme northwest edge of the forecast cone while Boston was briefly inside the edge of the cone in the NHC’s Monday evening forecast, will only be back outside the cone in Monday night’s update.

The entire Maine coastline is also now in the forecast cone, according to Monday night’s NHC forecast update, although the storm is currently forecast to be below hurricane strength by the time it reaches late Saturday.

Will Lee have any impact on the US East Coast?

Although Lee is expected to move slowly as steering currents weaken, dangerous surf and rip currents have begun along much of the US Eastern Seaboard and will continue for weeks.

Beachgoers in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina are being warned of potentially dangerous conditions this week.

According to the Cape Hatteras National Seashore Facebook page, visitors are urged to avoid swimming in the ocean until conditions improve.

Fox Weather is a hurricane expert Brian Norcross reported that Hurricane Lee will likely track between the US East Coast and Bermuda, although the exact path north is still unclear.

Computer models predict that Lee will remain along the eastern seaboard, and some indicate that Mid-Atlantic And Northeast The coast may still feel the effects of the storm.

The NHC wrote in its Friday night briefing that Lee will face some challenges later in the week–the broad wind field is mixing in some cooler water from below, and that region of the Atlantic is a touch cooler than earlier similar churning. Processes by the recent passage of Hurricane Franklin and Tropical Storm Idalia. And the cyclone may begin to see some additional wind shear as it nears its northern track.

But the NHC’s latest forecast now shows Lee’s maximum wind speed gradually diminishing as it moves north later this week, the storm is expected to increase in size “and hazards will extend far from the storm’s center by the end of the forecast period.” ,” and those in the northeast continue to monitor the storm.

Where is Hurricane Lee?

Hurricane Lee is located about 410 miles north of the northern Leeward Islands and about 580 miles south of Bermuda, according to the 11 pm ET Monday NHC advisory.


Hurricane Lee Winds. (Fox Weather)

The hurricane is moving northwest and has begun to slow over the southwest Atlantic. The NHC said Lee will now remain fairly steady in strength over the next few days.

What is the forecast track for Hurricane Lee?

The NHC said Lee was moving northwest at 7 mph, and a slower west-northwest to northwesterly movement is expected over the next few days, then a turn north by midweek.

On its current track, Lee is expected to move west, but near Bermuda, in a few days. The storm is then expected to move off the New England coast and approach Nova Scotia later in the week.

There are currently no watches or warnings in effect for any landmass, but the NHC said interest in Bermuda needs to monitor Hurricane Lee’s progress.

Hurricane Lee went from Category 1 to Category 5 in 24 hours

The storm blew rapid intensification With extreme speed on Thursday, it went from a Category 1 hurricane at 80 mph Wednesday night to a Category 5 monster at 165 mph just 24 hours later.

Lee was the 13th Category 5 storm on record to form in the eastern Caribbean.

All of these hurricanes underwent rapid intensification prior to US landfall

The storm blew in wind shear On Friday, the storm gathered some strength and knocked it down to a Category 3. Lee was downgraded to a Category 2 storm on Saturday but reactivated into a major hurricane on Sunday afternoon. Lee is expected to continue to strengthen as it slowly rotates into the southwest Atlantic.

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