The Whole Nine Yards Filming Location: Where Was The Matthew Perry Led Movie Filmed?

The Whole Nine Yards sticks to reality in terms of its filming locations as it is filmed where it is set. The movie follows our main character, Oz, a dentist in Montreal, who is working to pay the bills so he can get rid of or divorce his wife, whom he hates so much.

When he learns that their new neighbor is wanted hitman Jimmy the Tulip, he sends our man Oz to Chicago to help Yanni collect a finder’s fee to track down Jimmy, the leader of the mob. Oz goes to get his wife off his back, and his assistant Jill encourages him to have sex while he’s at it.

With one of Yanni’s men waiting for Oz at the hotel, the situation is too serious for Oz to keep quiet about what he knows. Meanwhile, Oz’s wife tells Jimmy about Oz in hopes that Jimmy will kill Oz so she can collect life insurance. Oz finds Jimmy’s wife (Yanny’s prisoner), falls for her, and the betrayal deepens. Jill is not what she seems.

The Whole Nine Yards Filming Locations

One of the few positive aspects of this movie is that it takes place in Montreal rather than a fictional American metropolis The entire production of “The Whole Nine Yards” was shot in Canada. While the USA has been a significant film producing nation since the early 20th century, Canada is just beginning to catch up.

Currently, there is a high demand for filming locations in several cities around the country. While production was completed entirely in the US state of Illinois, Canadian shooting took place across Quebec and Ontario. But only a small number of cities in those states were used for shooting the crime-comedy. Let’s check out all these The Whole Nine Yards filming locations.

Chicago Tribune (Credit: Warner Bros.)

Niagara Falls

The crime comedy film had several scenes that were shot in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The city is well known for its waterfalls and is a top destination for travelers. It is interesting to note that popular movies such as “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” and “Superman II” included the well-known waterfall scene. Also, some shooting of the comedy and drama series “Wonderfalls” took place there.


‘The Whole Nine Yards’ was also filmed in Chicago. To be precise, Michigan Avenue was the location for some of the film’s scenes. Rumor has it that several sequences were shot in and around the famous Tribune Tower located at 435 North Michigan Avenue. Due to its location on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago’s culture is heavily influenced by film, theater, and the visual arts.

A number of well-known films have been filmed there, including “Batman v Superman,” “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” “Mean Girls,” “Suicide Squad,” “The Dark Knight” and “Batman Begins.” City over the years.


Montreal served as the primary location for the film’s main production. Scenes at Oz Oseransky’s house were shot at 27 rue Marcel-Giguère in Blainville, while Jimmy Tudesky’s house is next door. Several notable scenes in the film were shot at Notre Dame Cathedral, while others were shot at 209 rue Notre-Dame West for the bar sequence at Biddle’s Junior Resto Cabaret.

The Whole Nine Yards Filming Locations
27 rue Marcel-Giguère in Blainville (Credit: Warner Bros.)

The scene where Jimmy and Oz talk about how Jimmy came to Canada was filmed at the Belvedere Condiarank. One of Quebec’s largest cities, Montreal boasts a wide range of job opportunities in a variety of industries. However, as it has become a major center for film and television production, the entertainment sector has become a popular career choice for locals.

It has served as a stand-in for European locations in several films over the years and hosts quite a few popular artists, films and cultural events.

However, these old movies from the last two decades might surprise you because they were filmed in Montreal. Only a few know that The Notebook, a tearjerker to all, was mostly filmed here in 2003.

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