The man accused of killing his mother after Domino’s order in Detroit was put in prison

A Detroit police officer on patrol downtown visited a Domino’s location – and found a murder suspect.

The officer noticed 25-year-old Joshua Hill – that’s when he went in to make the arrest.

“He saw him downtown buying a pizza,” Chief James White said.

Technically, it was an order of stuffed cheese bread. Hill naturally gave the order on Sunday – when he was wanted for his mother’s murder.

“If you kill your mother, you’ll do anything,” said Inkster Police Chief Bill Ratliff.

Since then, Inkster Police and Michigan State Police have been feared Hill’s mother, a 64-year-old woman, was found shot multiple times in her home near Glenwood near Inkster’s Middle Belt.

Since last Monday – there has been a manhunt for Hill, who was on the run.

“He recognized him from the media photos and then the intel photos we had,” White said.

Detroit’s police chief praised his officer for his keen eye — and for how he handled the arrest.

“He didn’t have to engage in force with him, someone who had little to lose and was actually armed,” White said.

Domino’s employees, we’re told — were ordered to return as soon as the officer entered and took Hill into custody — then, returned him to Inkster.

“Now the people of Detroit and the people of Inkster can rest easy, knowing that no one can be hurt with a gun,” Ratliff said.

Joshua Hill will face those charges from Inkster and it appears he will have some additional charges for having a gun in Detroit.

The case is expected to be heard in the next couple of days.

Murder suspect Joshua Hill, left, of Domino’s where he was found by a police officer.


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