The Expendables 3 Filming Locations: Where was the action movie filmed?

Expendables 3 is the third installment in the Expendables series, and it brings more action. Sylvester Stallone and team made sure that the locations used in the movie were as authentic as possible. Yes, The Expendables 3 was shot on set, and we’ll talk all about it.

The movie opens with Bernie Ross and the others assigned to another job, but not before rescuing a gang member who has been held captive for eight years.

After finishing this, he leaves to complete the task – finding an arms dealer named Means – but when Barney sees the man, he recognizes him as Stonebanks, another member of the deviant gang and Barney believes he has dealt with him. One of Barney’s men then fatally wounded him.

Later, a CIA agent named Drummer approaches Bernie and says he’s looking for either Means or Stonebanks. Barney chooses to sever all ties with his men and enlists the help of four young men to capture Stonebanks.

They are taking him away. As they are bringing him back, his men attack them and Barney escapes.

When Stonebanks calls her, she tells him to bring the team if he wants them back. Despite Bernie’s willingness to go alone, his former team decides to go with him.

The Expendables 3 Filming Locations

The action actor and former California governor, who promoted filmmaking in the state, returned to Bulgaria to film the third entry in the “Expendables” series.

Nu Boana Film Studios (Credit: IMDB)

Once again, production took place at Nu Boana Studios in Sofia, taking full advantage of Bulgaria’s non-union, cheap workforce.

Since 2006, when Avi Lerner’s Los Angeles-based company Nu Image bought the 75-acre former communist-era film studio, it has become his preferred location in Eastern Europe.

The studio, once owned by the government, now has 13 sound stages, replicas of major Manhattan streets and a mock ancient Rome, complete with a coliseum. Nu Image, a Millennium sister business, invested millions of dollars to upgrade the facility

Varna, Bulgaria

Despite the lack of Hollywood approval, Bulgaria offers much more than just atmosphere and libations for those looking to film there on location. Still, there are many wonderful things about filming in such diverse environments.

Director Patrick Hughes strives for realism, whether filming in the studio or on location. In terms of practicality, Bulgaria has a lot to offer visitors. Colors were used for several street scenes.

Varna, the capital and third largest city of Bulgaria, is by far the most attractive and international city on the Black Sea coast.

It’s a charming destination to spend a few days, a mix of port towns, naval bases and seaside resorts, a huge park to walk around and a long beach to lie on.

The Expendables 3 Filming Locations
Golden Sands, Varna Province, Bulgaria (Credit: IMDB)

It is rich in history despite being completely modern. Bulgaria’s best archaeological museum and the largest Roman bath complex are both located in the heart of the city, together with a vibrant restaurant and cultural scene.

The star-studded cast stayed at the luxurious Riviera Hotel complex at Golden Sands Resort, just north of the colorfully vibrant Black Sea town. The grandest rooms at the Riviera, an old state residence now a private beach resort, were reserved months in advance.

The Bulgarian middleman responsible for all accommodation chose Riviera’s renovated “boutique” hotel, the Oasis. However, only Dolph Lundgren and Terry Crews had reservations because there weren’t many rooms available.

Sylvester Stallone, the film’s producer and star, stayed in a blue and beige penthouse at the complex’s Hotel Imperial for 300 euros a night. Jason Statham and Wesley Snipes also stayed at Imperial. Cast members had reservations for a week.

Fresh flowers, snacks, and chilled wine are provided in luxurious rooms. There was 24 hour room service. Both the spa and gym were open 24 hours.

The historic shipyard in Varna, Bulgaria, where the Somalia scenes were shot, served as the movie’s production backdrop.

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