The Bugatti 9.0 electric scooter: luxury carmaker Bugatti has introduced the first electric scooter. Simply fold it up and take it anywhere.

French supercar manufacturer Bugatti has launched its first electric scooter, the Bugatti 9.0. It weighs less than 16 kg and has a range of 35 km. Users can purchase the Bugatti 9.0 on the company’s website for 1,200 euros (approx. 94,741 rupees).

The famous luxury car manufacturer Bugatti recently launched its first electronic scooter. The Bugatti 9.0 has been released. The company developed its latest electric scooter in collaboration with Bytec. The Bugatti 9.0 is a scooter that can reach speeds of up to 30 km/h. Users can fold this electric scooter and take it anywhere. This electric scooter can travel up to 35 km on a single charge. The electric scooter can be purchased on the company’s website for 1,200 US dollars (approx. 94,741 rupees). Bugatti is known for its many luxury cars. Let’s take a look at the features of the company’s e-scooter.

Lightness and magnesium alloy frame

Bugatti is known for its expensive, fast cars. The brand entered the two-wheeler market late. The Bugatti 9.0 is a lightweight, folding electric scooter. The company produced it in collaboration with Bytech, a manufacturer of electronic accessories. The Bugatti 9.0 weighs less than 16 kg and has a magnesium alloy frame.

Light Bugatti 9.0

The design of the Bugatti 9.0 is quite spectacular. The company makes sure there are no scratches or damage. Lighting is sufficient for night driving. Users will have headlights, taillights, front/rear turn signals, deck lighting and an EB monogram projection beam at the rear. An LED display is available to indicate battery capacity, range, etc.

Bugatti 9.0 features

Users have a powerful kickstand on the e-scooter, which can also be folded and locked. The 9-inch tires run without suspension. The scooter is equipped with a dual braking system with handbrake at the front and electric ABS at the rear. The Bugatti 9.0 can be recharged with the company’s charger. Bugatti has launched it in three colors.

Bugatti e-scooter prices and variants

Users can buy the Bugatti 9.0 on the Bugatti website. It costs 1,200 US dollars (around 94,741 rupees) on the site. However, this e-scooter will also be available on the Costco e-commerce site for 900 US dollars (about 71,000 rupees). The e-scooter is available in three colors: silver, black and agile blue.


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