Sass, Bahu Or Flamingo Ending Explained: Queen Or Still Alive?

Saas, Bahu Aur Flamingo is a Hindi-language show that premiered on Disney+ Hotstar in May 2023. Fast becoming the hottest television show of the summer, Sa, Bahu or Flamingo follows the women behind the successful Rani Cooperative, a cocaine factory. Pretend to make dolls and spices.

Produced and Directed by Homi Adajania; The director of films like Being Cyrus, Cocktail, Angrezi Medium, Saas, Bahu Aur, Flamingo stars Dimple Kapadia, Ashish Verma, Esha Talvar, Deepak Dobriyal, Angira Dhar and Radhika Madan.

Set in the fictional town of Rann province, the show follows Rani Ba, the mastermind behind South Asia’s biggest drug cartel, her daughters-in-law, Kajal and Bijli, who work as the cartel’s accountants, distributors and henchmen, and Rani Ba’s only daughter, Shanta, who is the family’s trademark. produces cocaine.

When a drug cartel associate tries to sabotage Queen Ba’s venture, she begins to think it’s time to name the cartel’s heir. However, this immediately led to a power struggle between his daughter-in-law, children and other loyal deputies.

Upon release, Saas, Bahu Aur Flamingo was praised for its storytelling, acting, action and portrayal of strong women. At the same time, it was criticized for trying too hard, for having logical inconsistencies, and for its scattered narrative.

Sass, Bahu Or Flamingo: The story is moving towards the end

When a politician’s young son dies of an accidental cocaine overdose and Rani Ba, her archnemesis Monk, tries to take over his drug operation, Rani Ba decides it’s time to name a successor to her drug operation.

He does this to see his children and his daughter-in-law find the best way to solve this problem. Shanta, who is the producer of Rani Cooperative’s trademark Dark, wants to expand the business by launching a new medicine.

At the same time, she and her adopted brother Dhiman are in love with each other. Something that could potentially ruin their relationship with Queen Baa.

Rani Ba (Credit- Times of India)

Meanwhile, Bijli has an extramarital affair with Naina, who tries to convince him to give up drug dealing and Bijli obliges.

On the other hand, we learn about Kajol’s tragic past and her ill intentions towards Rani B, when she takes Kajol’s child after birth and makes her believe that the child is dead.

As the series ends, Rani Ba announces that on the auspicious day of Janmashtami, she will reveal her heir.

However, a day before Janmashtami, Rani Ba’s haveli is attacked by monks, and Rani Ba is kidnapped by Prasoon, a police inspector who wants to expose Rani Ba’s illegal activities.

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Sass, many or flamingos: endings explained

In the finale of Saas, Bahu or Flamingo, the car in which Prasuna abducted Rani Ba falls into a river. Shortly afterwards we find Rani Ba’s body.

When the family gathers at the haveli to read her will after her funeral, the monk ambushes the will-reader, kills the lawyer, and eventually captures the Rani Cooperative.

It is revealed that Kajal double crossed Rani Ba when the monk told her that her child was still alive and well. Kajal gets the chance to kill her captor, but before she can reunite with her son, Cheema reveals that Rani Ba is alive.

This could only mean that Prasuna was not dead either, and that this was an elaborate plan to discover Til’s identity within the Rani Co-operative.

Is Savitri still alive?

Before answering this question we have to ask another question – Who is Savitri? Towards the end of the series, we are introduced to Savitri, a nomadic woman whose husband is killed for selling drugs, after which she is sexually assaulted by the same group of men, including her acquaintances.

After he exacts his revenge on the man, he returns home only to find his wife, starved to death, and his son unattended. Savitri is none other than Rani Wa, and the child is Dhiman, whom she eventually adopts.

So, now that is clear, let’s answer the first question – is Savitri still alive? Yes, Savitri fakes her own death with the help of Rani or Prasuna in the hope of revealing the identity of Til in the family, which was Kajal.

However, it left many viewers wondering what Prasuna’s motive might be for helping Raniba. He spent the entire season investigating the illegal dealings of the Rani Cooperative.

So why did he, late in the season, help Raniba fake her death? Many viewers attributed this change of heart to his disillusionment with the establishment. For now, the show ended on a cliffhanger, and hopefully, this plot point will be resolved in the second season.

Who is the owner of Rani Cooperative?

As the monk ambushes Will’s reading with Rani Ba’s family and then kills the lawyer, it is implied that he successfully takes over the Rani Cooperative.

However, the show ends on a cliffhanger that Prasoon and Rani or both are not only similar but working together. So, who ultimately owns the cooperative is an ongoing mystery that will hopefully be answered in the show’s second season.

What can we expect from ‘Saas, Bahu Or Flamingo’ Season 2?

The first season of Saas, Baahu or Flamingo, left viewers wanting more. Leaving several plot lines unresolved, the first season finale left audiences with more questions than answers about the characters. Many people have speculated the following plotlines for the second season –

  • We learn about Prasuna’s alliance with Rani Bah and why he chose to fake her death. Prasoon will help Raniba take down Sahebji and Sannyasi and regain control of the cooperative.
  • Bijli gets more screen time. As her sexuality unfolds, we will see her on a journey of self-discovery and even redemption.
  • With Kajol’s double cross, Shanta and Dhiman’s relationship and revelations about Bijli’s sexuality, it is expected that in the next season, we will delve deeper into their conflict and troubled relationship.


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