Safir Episode 3: Release Date, Recap and Spoilers

Episode 3 of Safi is set to release next week, and fans are hoping for a happy ending after the disappointment in the previous episodes. The situation that got out of hand will be discussed in the next episode, so stay tuned to know what episode 3 of this Turkish drama will bring to the table.

Premiering its first episode on 4 September 2023, Safir is a Turkish drama revolving around the Gulsoy family. They are known for their high status in Turkey, but before long, their position at the top of the ladder is shattered by tragedy.

Safir translates to Sapphire in English, and the symbolism of this gemstone relates to the plot of the story. Between the Gulsoy family and its problems, the concepts of truth, sincerity and trust will be tested as they try to figure out how to get back to the top.


The Gulsoy family is considered to be one of the most influential families in Cappadocia, Turkey. Their son, Ates, who had recently returned from America, became a reason for the Gulsoys to celebrate and reunite with his mother and brothers.

A Steal from Sapphire (2023) (Credit: ATV)

Ates’ father died in a car accident, so his grandfather took control of the house. Although Ates did not reconcile with her, he loved his mother too much to refuse her request to return to Turkey.

Now, Feraye was the daughter of Muhsin, a man who worked for the Gulsoyds and was considered an extension of the family with them. She and Ates’ brother Yaman were together but kept their relationship a secret because they were aware of how problematic it would be.

After his brother’s arrival, Yaman decides that this is the right time to declare his love for Ferai and decides to propose. However, events quickly take a turn when Okan, Ates and Yaman’s other brothers are involved in a tragedy, shaking the entire family.

As Ferayes and Yaman try and work their relationship through all the trials that fate throws at them, Ates, as the eldest son and heir of the family, must take extreme measures to protect his loved ones from harm.

Safi’s Episode 2 Recap (Spoilers!)

Safir, in Episode 2, Yaman makes the futile decision to marry Alena. He was unable to bear the threat imposed by Celine and therefore decided to vow immediately at the altar. This sudden announcement shocked the entire family as it was too early for the couple to think about marriage.

Turkish Romance Drama Safir Episode 2 Recap
A still from Episode 2 of Safi (Credit: ATV)

On the other hand, Feray finds out that she is pregnant. With everything going on in the Gulsoy family, she can’t risk carrying a child in her womb now. Apart from Ates, everyone else is aware of her pregnancy.

How long can you keep it a secret? To add to the suspense, Episode 2 Bhural desperately searches for his son, but ends up when things get complicated and his efforts go in vain.

Safi Episode 3 Release Date

Safir episode 3 will air this coming Monday, 18th September, 2023. Episode release dates and times may vary across regions. So, for easy tracking, the release date and time of the upcoming episode are given below:

  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): 1:00 PM, Monday, September 18, 2023.
  • Time in Turkey (TRT): 8:00 PM, Monday, September 18, 2023.
  • Time in the Philippines (PHT): 1:00 AM, Tuesday, September 19, 2023.
  • Time in Indonesia: 12:00 AM, Tuesday, September 19, 2023.
  • Malaysian Standard Time (MYT): 1:00 AM, Tuesday, September 19, 2023.
  • Pacific Time (PST): 10:00 AM, September 18, 2023.
  • Korean Standard Time (KST): 2:00 AM, Tuesday, September 19, 2023.
  • Time in Thailand: 12:00 AM, Tuesday, September 19, 2023.
  • Indian Standard Time (India): 13:30 PM, Monday, September 18, 2023.
  • Pakistan Standard Time (PKT): 10:00 PM, Monday, September 18, 2023.

Where to Watch Safir Episode 3

All episodes of Safir, including the upcoming episode 3, can be watched for free on their YouTube channel. If Turkish is not your first language, turning on auto-translated captions will help you understand Turkish plays better.

For Turkish locals, Safir will be broadcast on the ATV channel accessible via cable.

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