‘Proud of their work’: Law enforcement poses for photo with Danilo Cavalcante after capture

Aerial video captured by FOX 29 the morning authorities captured a fugitive killer shows tactical officers posing for a group photo with the handcuffed defendant.

About 30 law enforcement officers in tactical gear were seen smiling for a moment for the cameras after dragging a bloodied Danelo Cavalcante out from behind a Chester County business.

SKYFOX video shows the 34-year-old killer surrounded by members of the US Border Patrol’s BORTAC unit and the Pennsylvania State Police’s Special Emergency Response Team. There were also photos of the two K-9 officers involved in Cavalcante’s capture.

Law enforcement can be seen posing for a photo with a bloodied Danilo Cavalcante after his arrest. (FOX 29 Philadelphia)

Cavalcante acrobatically escaped from the Chester County Jail about two weeks ago and has eluded arrest ever since. In the days following his escape, he was spotted more than a dozen times by police, residents, trail cameras and even doorbell cameras.

Law enforcement faced criticism during the two-week manhunt, especially after Cavalcante was able to steal a van from a dairy and escape from an original enclosure about 20 miles from where he was later captured.

The search intensified this week when a homeowner confronted Cavalcante in his garage and shot the convicted killer seven times with a handgun. Cavalcante avoided being hit and ran away with a .22 caliber rifle that authorities said was equipped with a scope and flashlight.

Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens was asked about the photo opportunity Wednesday morning during a news conference detailing Cavalcante’s capture.

“Those men and women worked incredibly hard, under some difficult circumstances,” PSP Lt. Col. George Bivens told reporters during a news briefing Wednesday morning, just an hour after Cavalcante’s arrest. “I’m not at all upset that they took a picture with him in custody.”

“They take pride in their work,” he added. “They keep the community safe. I thank them and good job.”

The SKYFOX video also revealed Cavalcante was wearing a Philadelphia Eagles sweatshirt at the time of his capture – which police believe he either found or stole.

Aerial footage shows an officer cutting off the cavalcade as it is loaded into a police truck.

The governor promised to supply a new one to the owner.

“For those whose Eagles hoodies were stolen, if you can let us know,” Shapiro said, “I’ll do my best to get you one of those new Kelly Greens.”

Cavalcante will be transferred to a state penitentiary where he will serve a life sentence in 2021 for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. He is also a suspect in a 2017 murder in Brazil.


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