Power imposed for selfishness, this stigma will never be erased; Shah’s big attack on Congress over Emergency

Home Minister Amit Shah. (file image)

June 25 comes every year and the memory of the Emergency is fresh because of it. In 1975, then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared Emergency in the country. After that all party leaders were put in jail. The entire country was in chaos. Schools were turned into prisons. Even today the Congress has to bear its losses at the political level. Home Minister Amit Shah attacked Congress and Gandhi family.

Home Minister Shah wrote in a tweet that on this day in 1975, a family usurped the rights of the people for the greed of power. Democracy has been killed. A state of emergency was imposed on the countrymen. Whenever the Congress accuses the BJP of violating democracy, the BJP reminds them of this day.

A state of emergency has been declared for the sake of power

Shah said, this state of emergency has been issued for the sake of power. It is an endless scandal. Shah said the Emergency was symbolic of the dictatorial mindset of the Congress. He said it was a very difficult time. Millions of people have endured much torture and struggled to revive democracy. I congratulate all those patriots.

All the parties fought the elections together.

It was the darkest day in history. An order took away the power of the people of the entire country. Emergency was in force from 25 June 1975 to 21 March 1977. Then elections were held in the country and Indira Gandhi lost the elections. The biggest upheaval took place in Indian politics. All the parties fought the elections together. But political instability remains. However, when elections were held thereafter, Indira Gandhi was able to form a government with an absolute majority. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was the president then. The Indira Gandhi government appealed to the President to impose emergency. A state of emergency was then declared in the country under Article 352 of the Constitution of India.


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