Police identify suspect in Domino’s slaying • Mel Tucker, Accused Responds • Latest on UAW Talks

A man wanted for the murder of his mother was recognized by a police officer as he ordered cheese bread inside a downtown Detroit pizza place.

“He saw him downtown buying a pizza,” Chief James White said.

Police said the officer on patrol recognized Joshua Hill inside the Domino’s because of media reports and police lintel photos. Hill, 25, had been on the run for a week accused of murdering his mother in Inkster.

The killing had police and neighbors on high alert.

“If you kill your mother, you’ll do anything,” said Inkster Police Chief Bill Ratliff.

Domino’s employees were ordered back when the officer entered and took Hill into custody. Police said Hill was armed when he was arrested.

Brenda Tracy responds to Mel Tucker’s statement

Suspended Michigan State University football coach Mel Tucker and an employee who accused him of sexual harassment both responded Monday.

Brenda Tracy, a sexual assault survivor who speaks to college teams about sexual assault, alleged that Tucker sexually assaulted her in a phone call last year. During the investigation she said it was consensual phone sex.

He responded publicly through his attorney, saying in part that the charges “have no semblance of justification in any matter of this importance.”

He called the investigation unfair.

“The investigation was not fair or impartial. I can only conclude that there was an ulterior motive for terminating my contract based on some other reason such as a (Larry) Nasser stigma, or a desire to avoid my race or gender.”

Tracy posted a response to this on X, saying, “This is more of the same bullshit, deflection, victim blaming and lies I’ve been dealing with for months now.” Coach Tucker is late and trying to shut down the investigation. process from the beginning.”

Tucker remains on unpaid suspension until a hearing next month, where his fate will be determined.

MGM Grand Detroit, several locations affected by cyber attack

A major security breach has affected numerous MGM Grand locations across the country, including Detroit.

The incident began on Sunday – with guests unable to make reservations or enter their rooms at some locations, according to company officials. Affected casino sites include Michigan, Las Vegas, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey.

In Detroit, it’s business as usual, but you can’t check your comps.

David Derigiotis is Embroker’s Chief Insurance Officer and a cybersecurity expert.

“Hotels and casinos are prime targets for cybercriminals – they’re very data-rich,” he said. “These are complex IT environments, and you see digital operations involved, especially for a casino and surveillance, online gaming, as well as the hospitality sector.”

characterized by

MGM Grand Detroit, several locations affected by cyber attack

“Hotels, and casinos are prime targets for cybercriminals – they’re very data-rich,” he said. “These are complex IT environments, and you see digital operations involved, especially for a casino and surveillance, online gaming, as well as the hospitality sector.”

UAW, Big Three continue negotiations

Contract talks between the United Auto Workers and the Big Three continue as the union and automakers work to reach an agreement ahead of Thursday’s deadline.

UAW President Sean Fein said union members will strike at any automaker by Sept. 14 at 11:59 p.m.

“If we don’t get our justice, I can guarantee you one thing – come midnight this Thursday, there will be action,” he said.

The automakers all submitted proposals to the union and the UAW rejected them all.

On Monday, Stellantis said progress had been made during weekend talks and that subcommittees had reached tentative agreements on some issues such as health and safety. However, Fein says the automaker is still not offering enough in terms of economics.

“Things are moving, but they’re moving very slowly,” he said.

Police handled numerous freeway crashes Tuesday morning

Multiple freeway crashes were reported due to rain on metro Detroit roads Tuesday morning.

All lanes of southbound I-75 are closed in Verne and all lanes of southbound I-35 are closed in Gratiot, Detroit, both due to jack-knifed semis.

The crash was reported around 6:45 a.m. Tuesday. Vehicles are moving on the shoulder of the road.

Police say the accident happened due to speeding of the drivers.

“It’s really pretty easy, slow down in the rain,” Michigan State Police F/Lt. Mike Shaw said.

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Daily forecast

Rain started on Tuesday which eventually faded.

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There are some US cities in the forecast cone with the threat of dangerous currents from Hurricane Lee

With some cities in the Northeast now in the forecast cone, Hurricane Lee remains a major, major hurricane as it moves across the Atlantic Ocean.

Fox Weather reports that dangerous surf and rip currents have begun along much of the US East Coast and will worsen as the week continues.

The National Hurricane Center’s (NHC) cited FOX Weather as noting that the latest advisory showed Hurricane Lee had maximum sustained winds of 115 mph with some high gusts, making it a Category 3 on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

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