Nun 2 ending explained: Is Valak finally dead?

The mysterious and troublesome demon is causing trouble again in the second installment of the popular horror franchise titled The Nun. Valak has appeared in several of the eight movies in the Conjuring franchise, and everyone was more than a little excited to know if this movie was Valak’s last or if it was just the beginning for him.

The gothic supernatural film, created by Peter Safran and James Wan, sees the return of Valak’s terror after killing a priest in France. Directed by Michael Chaves, Nun 2 is the sequel to the 2018 blockbuster horror film The Nun.

Akela Cooper and characters story Nun 2 created by James Wan and Gary Dauberman. The audience felt goosebumps with the sequel as it contained much more horror elements than the prequel.

Naan 2 struck a chord with the audience with the return of Irene in the lead role. The Nun 2 stars Tysa Farmiga as Irene, the film’s protagonist, Jonas Bloquet as Maurice, Storm Reid as Debra, Anna Popplewell as Kate and Bonnie Aarons as the demonic nun.

Caitlin Rose Downey plays Sophie, a child close to Maurice, and Suzanne Burtish plays Madame Laurent. With Valk’s return, viewers are curious to know whether he will die or survive in the sequel.

Caitlin Rose Downey as Sophie [Credits- Warner Bros. Pictures]

Released on September 8, 2023, on the big screen, Nun 2 is doing surprisingly well with the audience. Uh, uh, the dreaded demon is back, and he’s stronger than ever, so whether Nun Irene will be able to finish him off for good this time. This time, Saint Lucy has demonic entities behind her eyes, which will grant her unimaginable powers.

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Nun 2 ending explained

Nun 2 picks up four years after Valac flees Romania to possess French, a handyman with a power agenda for himself, St. Lucy’s eye. In 1956, Jacques and Father Noiret were finishing their daily duties at the church in Tarascon before Father Noiret caught fire while taking off.

Jack is horrified, freezes on the spot, and sees Noirette burning while holding her rosary. Sister Irene is now living alone in Italy after the incident at St. Carter’s Monastery.

Sister Irene maintains her faith even as she witnesses a darkness none of her fellow sisters could have imagined. In the meantime, Maurice has also moved on from all of his experiences in Romania and works as a groundskeeper at a boarding school in France.

Maurice develops a close friendship with Sophie and a girl named Kate, Sophie’s mother and a teacher at the school. As Morris continues to work at the school, a dark figure appears, and it is hinted that the figure has something to do with Morris. Valak makes his presence known, dressed as a monstrous nurse after a child, makes a delivery nearby, and sees a possessed Maurice, who viciously attacks the child.

Higher-ups ask Irene to investigate multiple deaths across Europe, including those of nuns and priests. The next day, he sees Frenchy asking him to save his life. Irene, accompanied by Sister Debra, a newborn, travels to Tarascon, a small town in France where Father Noiret was set on fire. A young boy witnessed Father Noiret’s death and gave Irene his rosary before his eyewitness told her everything.

Monk 2
Taissa Farmiga As Irene [Credits- Warner Bros Pictures]

Irene and Sister Debra notice a symbol on the rosary that resembles pictures of other dead priests’ rosaries. The pair travel to Catholic archives, where an informant tells them about a symbol like the eye of St. Lucy, a patron saint who was killed by pagans. Soon, Irene realizes Valak is after the eye of Saint Lucy, which is hidden in a monastery.

The monastery, the boarding school where Sophie studies, and Maurice’s workplace. Meanwhile, Sophie is bullied by her school peers and locked in an abandoned chapel.

A librarian at the Palais des Papes informs Irene and Debra that the monster they are looking for is an angel rejected by God. The librarian tells the pair that the rosary symbol is St. Lucy’s family crest Saint Lucy’s family stole her eyes because she didn’t die when they burned her.

As Maurice becomes more and more occupied, Irene and Debra arrive at the boarding school just in time. Morris worries about Kate and Sophie when Irene arrives, telling Debra Morris about Valak being inside.

After learning of Valak’s possession, Maurice is heartbroken before the monster takes over his body and attacks Irene and Debra before he is knocked unconscious.

Irene and Debra search for St. Lucy’s eyes before Kate shows them the game. Using a flashlight, Debra makes the goat’s eyes red, pointing to the burial of Saint Lucy’s eye.

Is Irene finally finished Valk?

Debra and Kate are separated from Sophie and Irene to save the schoolgirls from a demonic goat. Maurice, clutching Valak, knocks out Kate before attacking Irene and escapes, while Sophie runs for her life with the wreckage.

Valak begins chasing Sophie when the debris ignites in his hand, causing the tower to collapse. Irene and Debra rush to Sophie’s aid. Thus, the group reunites and begins to pray together.

Monk 2
Still from Nun 2 [Credits- Warner Bros. Pictures]

Irene begins to use the wreckage against Frenchy until the possessed Maurice is able to hold it by himself. Maurice lifts Irene into the air while setting her on fire, but she does not burn, and it is revealed that she, along with Sophie and Debra, are descendants of St. Lucy. Debra and Irene continue to pray together while Valak is in beast mode.

Irene sees the wine spilling on the ground and realizes that one can turn the wine into the blood of Christ through prayer. Debra and Irene turn the wine into Christ’s blood and use it to send Valk back to Hell. It looks like Valak is separated from Morris, but as we all know, Morris had to be fired by the Warrens.

The film ends with Maurice praising the tomatoes grown from the seeds given to him by Irene. Maurice became a family with Kate and Sophie. Valak doesn’t die but lays a doormat inside Maurice until he sees a chance to rise again.

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