My Personal Weatherman Episode 5: Release Date and Preview

Stay glued to the screen as My Personal Weatherman episode 5 is coming soon. Guys, looks like we have to wait another week before we see the next exciting episode. And trust me when I say it’s a great disaster for those of us who are excitedly waiting for what surprises lie ahead.

Let’s talk about “My Personal Weatherman”. Based on the manga “Taikan Yohou” by the great Taino Nikke, this Japanese romantic BL series is a true treasure. The voyage began on August 11th, and there are eight episodes planned, so we’re in for a real treat. Each episode airs every Friday on MBS and lasts a short 24 to 30 minutes.

Let us now come to the specifics of the story. Segasaki Mizuki, a charming weather anchor with good looks, charm and a ton of fans, is the center of the story. On the other hand, we also have upcoming ero-manga artist Yoh Tanada.

The twist is that they are living together. What a dynamic team they make! At home, Segasaki takes charge, and Yoh is largely alert, ready to obey his every command. Given that Segasaki is the one supporting him, it’s all part of the arrangement. Here’s the trailer:

My Personal Weatherman Episode 5: Preview

Let’s break down the information we can glean from my personal Weatherman Episode 5 preview. When he hears the heartbreaking news that his manga will come to an abrupt end, our protagonist Yoh (played by the wonderful Atsuko Masuko), sinks into a sea of ​​sadness.

My Personal Weatherman (Credit: Gagaowolala)

Enter Segasaki (Kohei Higuchi, always endearing), who becomes Yoh’s sympathetic confidant after a rather surprising turn of events. Yoh marvels at her unwavering commitment to his well-being as he struggles to navigate the uncharted waters of her extraordinary kindness.

But this is not the end! In a plot that promises intrigue and excitement, Man-san (played by the charming Sayuri Matsumura) makes Yoh a tempting offer: a part-time job that includes an unforgettable night together, motivated by a desire to create a masterpiece that has no music by Segasaki. And other than Yoh.

But amid this curious offer, Segasaki says something that shocks Yoh: “I don’t care if your manga run fails.” Yeoh is deeply offended by the audacity of his comments, which leaves me and the audience in suspense. The next interesting twist in the story awaits.

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My Personal Weatherman Episode 5: Release Date

Get ready, everyone! Mark Friday, September 15, 2023, on your calendar because Episode 5 of my personal weatherman, or shall we say my own personal guru, returns. You can bet your umbrella that this drama is set to explode us with a flurry of new events and emotions with just three heart-wrenching episodes left.

Where I can watch my personal Weatherman episode 5

Mark your calendars because we have some exciting news to share with you On September 15, 2023, the fifth episode of “My Personal Weatherman” will air.

Local channel MBS is where you can watch it. However, there is still more! We also have streaming options if that’s more your style. Guess what? They are launching it on the Rakuten Wiki. There are free English subtitles for you!

Now, you’re in luck if you’re a member of the Apple cult – no judgment here. The episode is available on Apple TV+, and, you guessed it, includes those helpful English subtitles

But pause, dear friends from abroad—this gathering is open to anyone! We have a smorgasbord for you. You can watch every episode that has already aired. So, whether you’re watching from nearby or halfway around the world, we’ve got your weekend entertainment covered! Persons residing at different places as per aforesaid time and date:

  • Japan Standard Time (JST): 12:30 AM
  • South Korea (KST): 12:30 AM (Same Day)
  • India Standard Time (IST): 09:00 PM (Next Day)
  • China Standard Time (CST): 11:30 PM (next day)
  • Bangkok, Thailand (TST): 10:30 PM (Next Day)
  • Vietnam (ICT): 10:30 PM (Next Day)
  • Mountain Time (MT), USA: 09:30 AM (next day)
  • Central Time (CT), USA: 10:30 AM (next day)
  • Central European Time (CET): 05:30 PM (next day)
  • Sydney Time: 01:30 AM (Next Day)
  • Melbourne Time: 01:30 AM (Next Day)
  • Singapore Time (SGT): 11:30 PM (Next Day)

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