My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11 Episode 12: Release Date, Recap & Streaming Guide

Even with societal standards trying to hold you back from living your best life, a shining example is Whitney Thor, a 39-year-old woman living in North Carolina who loves to dance but is judged for being overweight.

A reality series titled My Big Fat Fabulous Life follows an obese Whitney and her journey to fame. Another season of the beloved series returns in 2023 and focuses on following Whitney and his family as they deal with the loss of their mother and wife, Babs.

Released in 2015, TLC’s reality series follows the life of Whitney Thore, an obese woman living with her parents and her passion for dancing. Whitney weighs 380 pounds and is judged for her likes. Although she says she is not affected by people teasing her about her weight, it is clear that she gets irritated and angry with them.

Whitney and her family travel to visit Angie [Credits: TLC]

Whitney is delusional about her weight because she pretends to be skinnier than she is. The reality series received widespread criticism from viewers as they felt that Whitney was a bad influence on the younger generation.

Viewers feel that Whitney promotes obesity and makes young girls think it’s cool to be overweight. Directed by Keith Koslov and David Charles Sullivan, the series focuses on Whitney, who rose to fame after a dance workout video of hers went viral.

Whitney struggles to find validation from the men in her life even though she pretends to be fine. Produced by Melody Calvert, Michael DeFosse and Bernice Miller, the series stars Whitney Way Thore, Glenn Thore, Buddy Bell, Tal Fish, Heather Sykes, Hunter Thore and Todd Beasley.

The reality series has ten successful seasons and has been renewed for an eleventh season. The series had 137 episodes to date with a runtime of 42 minutes per episode.

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11 Episode 1 Recap

The first episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life focuses on the family expressing their feelings for Thores after a beloved family member dies of cerebral amyloid angiopathy during his funeral. The first episode opens with Whitney, Whitney’s father, and Hunter, Whitney’s brother, grieving the loss of their wife and mother.

The trio talk about their feelings when they find out that Babs is taking her last breath. The scene then shifts to the day of Bob’s funeral, where his family members talk about their feelings for him.

My big fat imaginary life
Glenn mourns the loss of his wife Credit: TLC]

Whitney and her father continue to talk about Babs and her nature as they deal with the obstacles of everyday life. Whitney talks about her father’s struggles with grief and the guilt he feels after his beloved wife is taken off life support. Whitney tries to reassure her father that the doctors see no chance of saving their mother, so they have to release her.

Tal, a friend of Whitney’s, attends Babs’ funeral and offers his condolences to her with teary eyes. Tal shares with Babs his experiences with Whitney and his attachment to Babs. Whitney talks to Tal about her father because she feels worried about her father who suddenly lost his wife.

Whitney talks about her father, saying it would be better if he died with Babs. Whitney is determined to support her father in any way she can and decides to be strong for him. Whitney continues to garner sympathy from people by constantly mentioning how worried she is about her father.

Whitney also admits that she wants her father to move in with her so she can clean out the old house. Whitney is hopeful that her father will agree to go with her after weighing her options. People continue to arrive at Babs’ funeral and talk about Babs’ memories.

The scene then shifts to Boddy as he talks about Whitney handling everything better than he thought. As the family pays tribute and praises Babs, Whitney’s father talks about how lost he is without the love of his life, then Whitney talks about her mother as a symbol of love.

To be honest, it seemed like the only people Bob wasn’t there for anymore were his husband and son. Whitney’s crying seemed like a move to garner more sympathy from her family and viewers. The scene cuts to two months after the day Thors defeats Babs, with Whitney talking to her father about decorating the family home.

Now, Whitney’s father is living with her in her home because she is not ready to return to the home she shares with the love of her life. The first episode ends with Whitney finding out she has a half-sister. Whitney decides to get back into the dating field and create a dating profile.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11 Episode 2 Preview

The upcoming episode titled “My Big Fat Family Secret” will witness Whitney planning and throwing a Babs-themed party for her family and friends to celebrate Babs’ life. Whitney will also talk about losing 40 pounds and finally being able to cross her legs.

Whitney talks about her plans to get back into the dating pool with her friends. He will also inform his father about his long-lost daughter, the child he was betrothed to. Whitney, her father and her brother visit Whitney’s father’s child Angie and her family.

Whitney locks horns with Angie’s daughter Jean, when the latter asks her to act like a queen. They lock horns again after Whitney loses a game against Ginny and the latter calls her a bruiser.

A shocking bombshell is dropped when Whitney’s father tells Whitney that he was thinking of moving to Alabama after his daughter Angie told him. Whitney throws a temper tantrum and tries to guilt her father into staying with her.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11 Episode 2 Release Date

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11 Episode 2 premieres on 12 September 2023 at 09:00 PM [E.T.]. The episode has a runtime of 60 minutes, and the series is expected to have 12 episodes. Episodes are released on a weekly schedule, with new episodes released every Tuesday.

  • In India – 06:30 AM [I.S.T.] on 13th September 2023
  • In the United States – at 09:00 p.m [E.T.] on 12th September 2023
  • In UK – 01:00 AM [G.M.T.] on 13th September 2023
  • In Korea – 10:00 am [K.S.T.] on 13th September 2023
  • In Japan – 10:00 am [J.S.T.] on 13th September 2023
  • In Australia – 11:00 AM [A.C.D.T.] on 13th September 2023

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11: Streaming Guide

Citizens can access episodes on the TLC channel, so if you have a friend in the US, ask them for their credentials. VPN is a God-sent medium for viewers living outside the U.S. Currently, no other streaming platform has acquired the rights to the reality series. Citizens can also access episodes on Discovery+.

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