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Mila Kunis is a Ukrainian-American actress best known for her role as Jackie Burkhart on the sitcom “That ’70s Show” as well as her voice for Family Guy. From humble beginnings in the entertainment industry to becoming a supporting cast member in Black Swan opposite Natalie Portman, Kunis’ trajectory in show business has been one of pure success.

With 37 credited appearances in films, 27 television series and five musical videos, the 40-year-old Ukrainian-American actress has proven she can do everything from comedy to drama to horror, and despite being nominated for a Golden Globe, she’s credited by her peers with an Academy Award. not done Now, putting those things aside, what is Mila Kunis’ net worth? How much is he earning per film and what is his financial status?

Kunis held a press conference (Credit: BBC Radio One YouTube Channel)

Mila Kunis’ career

Mila Kunis was born into a Jewish family in Ukraine in 1983, her mother, a physics teacher, and her father, a mechanical engineer, immigrated to the United States when the USSR began to ease travel for its citizens. He speaks fluent Russian, and you see his impeccable American English accent because as soon as his family can escape communism, they settle in Los Angeles in 1991. But the Cali accent he boasts wasn’t always that way because by the time he and his family landed in California, he didn’t speak a word of English, he struggled to fit in, eventually making it and growing up.

He attended Hubert Howe Bancroft Middle School, then Fairfax High School, enrolled at UCLA, and then transferred to Loyola Marymount.

Kunis began acting at the age of nine, with early appearances in Days of Our Lives, Baywatch, Walker, Texas Ranger, and eventually a few roles opposite Angelina Jolie in films such as Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, and Gia Carangi’s HBO biopic. gone young

That Show from the 70s

By 1998, Kunis, then just 14 years old, auditioned for a role in a period piece sitcom about a group of 1970s friends. The project was “The Show of the Decade”, starring her as Jackie Burkhart. Fun fact: Mila Kunis lied about her age to get the part, each auditioning member had to be at least 18 years old, she told the producers she would be turning 18 soon, but didn’t specify when. So all those raunchy scenes about teen sex and kissing and doing things you see in those early seasons of sitcoms, Mila Kunis was totally illegitimate.

On that ’70s show, Kunis cemented her path to stardom playing a pained, rich, spoiled girl with an over-the-top attitude. He went on to voice Meg Griffin in Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy and from there he began a working relationship with her that led him to Ted opposite Mark Wahlberg a few years later. He played the lead role for the Aerosmith “Jaded” video.

movie star

From That 70’s Show, Kunis began her acting career in films, working on American Psycho 2, Get Over It with Kirsten Dunst, and several other films thereafter. She landed a part in the Judd Apatow-produced film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and worked with Ben Affleck and Jason Bateman in Extracts from The Book of Eli (2010) with Denzel Washington (2009).

Then came her big breakthrough role, a Golden Globe-nominated performance in the Darren Aronofsky horror drama Black Swan opposite Natalie Portman. After that, she worked on “Friends with Benefits” with Justin Timberlake and then worked on several other projects like Third Person directed by Paul Haggis or Bad Moms opposite Christina Applegate opposite Olivia Wilde and Liam Neeson.

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Mila Kunis Net Worth
Kunis smiles for the camera (Credit: Vanity Fair Magazine YouTube Channel)


From the big screen, to contracts with fashion brands like Christian Dior, covers of Vogue, Magazine, FHM, Men’s Health and luxury brands like Gemfields, several work opportunities have come to use her image as an income generator.

Kunis is outspoken in the political arena, campaigning for card-carrying Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, donating to various globalist elite causes and giving money to Israel-backed NGOs.

Her life was not without controversy, she acted young, and she spent time on set with convicted sex offender Danny Masterson as a minor, which, in light of his recent conviction, she and Ashton Kutcher wrote to the judge in support of Masterson despite overwhelming evidence against him. .

Mila dated Macaulay Culkin in the early 2000s and finally, after working with Ashton Kutcher all those years, married him in 2015 and has two children.

Mila Kunis Net Worth

If we take into account her work as an actress, her brand endorsement deals, her real estate and other sources of income, Mila Kunis’ net worth goes north of $75 million dollars.

She also owns a luxurious $2.9 million home in Laurel Canyon, a half-million condo in West Hollywood, and kept them before her marriage to Ashton. The couple owns a $10.2 million home in Beverly Hills and a beachfront property in Santa Barbara. He drives a range of fancy cars, from Range Rovers to Mercedes Benz and BMWs. Looking for things for Mila, that’s for sure!

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