Mamamu’s Hawasa has been investigated for alleged public indecency

The youngest member of South Korean girl group Mamamoo, Hwasa was invited to the Seoul Seongdong Police Station for questioning and investigation.

On September 10, the Seoul police confirmed that it had received a complaint involving Hawasa. Allegations came from the Student Parents Human Rights Protection Union that Hawassa engaged in public indecency.

The Student Parents Human Rights Protection Union also added that the incident was scandalous enough to cause discomfort and insult to the public attending the event.

Hawassa previously staged a performance at the Sungkyunkwan University Festival in May. It was part of the filming of the TVN show Dancing Queens on the Road. The singer performed “Don’t Give Up” with South Korean rapper Loko.

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Mamamu Hawasa responded with disgust

Following the complaint filed against renowned singer, Hawassa, from her previous performance at the Sungkyunkwan University Festival in May, there have been mixed reactions online. Some trashed the allegations of blatant profanity, while others slammed the singer for his “shameless” act.

The Student Parents Human Rights Protection Union expressed their concern and said that the Kpop star made an indecent gesture that could be interpreted as an obscene sexual act.

As an indirect response to the issue, Hawassa revealed that he is not affected by the negative comments and hate. During his guest appearance on South Korean celebrity Sung Si Kyung’s YouTube content, Hwasa openly addressed the controversy.

Specifically, Hawassa said that although he ignores the negative comments he’s received throughout his career, the reaction to this current issue is too harsh that it’s actually affecting him. “I usually ignore and don’t get affected by hateful comments but this time, it was a little over the top,” he said.

Hawassa also revealed that her latest single, “I Love My Body,” is an indirect response to the issue. While it is not her intention to ignore and brush aside all criticism, Hawassa believes it is appropriate for her to ignore those that negatively affect her mental health.

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Will Mamamu Hawasa be fined?

According to a previous report by The Korea Times, Hawasa could potentially face serious legal consequences if found guilty. The possible punishment is one year in jail or a fine of ₩5 million or US$3,800.

This means Hwasa will be removed from the public eye for a year, spending that time in a South Korean prison to reflect on his actions. Alternatively, Hawassa may choose to pay a fine to settle the matter.

However, it is important to note that the investigation is still ongoing. Seoul Seongdong Police Station is currently in the process of investigating whether Hawasa’s case will be forwarded to prosecution. As such, there is still no definitive verdict on the controversy surrounding Hawassa. The situation remains uncertain, and the final decision is yet to be made so fans don’t need to worry about it for a while.

Mamamu Hawasa is back with a new single

On the other hand, Hawassa recently released her new single, “I Love My Body.” This is his first song after parting ways with his previous entertainment company, RBW Entertainment. Hawassa is now under P Nation, an entertainment company founded by award-winning singer-songwriter PSY.

Released worldwide on September 6, 2023, “I Love My Body” promotes self-love and confidence in yourself and your body. Hawassa said she released the song in response to his alleged public profanity. He also added that he laughed so hard the first time he heard the demo of “I Love My Body”.

Furthermore, Hwasa is currently promoting her new single on music shows and variety programs in South Korea. Hwasa was a cast member of the tvN show Dancing Queens on the Road along with legendary female soloist Kim Won Sun, Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Hyori and BoA.

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Do you think Hwasa’s previous performance at the Sungkyunkwan University Festival was a rude act? What do you think?


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