Luis Manuel Lomeli killed in Mexico: What happened to the former bodybuilding champion?

We’re going to talk about former bodybuilding champion Luis Manuel here, because the public is researching him on the Internet. The public is searching the Internet to find out more about former bodybuilding champion Luis Manuel, but also about the incident that occurred in Leon. For our readers, we have therefore compiled information on former bodybuilding champion Luis Manuel in this article. What’s more, we’re also going to give details of his viral news stories, as the public searches for them on the Internet. So read on to find out more.

Luis Manuel Lomeli killed in Mexico

Luis Manuel Lomeli, former bodybuilding champion, died on Thursday night. According to eyewitness accounts, Charro Lomeli was shot by two assailants from another vehicle while driving his Dodge Ram truck on Juan Alonso de Torres Boulevard in the San Jeronimo area of Leon, Guanajuato. According to available information, Lomeli was on his way to the gym at the time of the attack. He tried to shift into reverse, which caused an accident with another car. Authorities are continuing to gather information from the scene and access security footage as part of their investigation.

Luis Manuel Lomeli was assaulted for the second time this calendar year. Around five months ago, Lomeli was the target of another armed attack, according to La Silla Rota Guanajuato. The assailants missed Lomeli’s arm with their bullets. At the time, Lomeli was preparing to organize a bodybuilding competition, but it had to be cancelled. Instead of taking to the stage to compete, Charro Lomeli was now employed as a trainer, helping others prepare for competitions. El Charro recently met Generation Iron founders Vlad Yudin and Edwin Mejia Jr at Fit Weekend 2023 in Mexico City. During his successful career, Charro Lomeli won national titles in stage combat.

After retiring from competition, Lomeli embarked on a career as a trainer and became known in Mexico as one of the country’s leading authorities on fitness. This tragic revelation came two weeks after Eustacio Batista Dias, a former Brazilian bodybuilding champion, was shot dead by two men while training at a gym in Botucatu, Sao Paulo. Shortly before the start of his workout, Batista was rumored to have posted his whereabouts on social media. It is not known why the men chose to attack Batista. Police rushed to the scene, but the suspects quickly fled, preventing their arrest.


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