Kim Heora, ‘The Glory’ K-Drama Star, Confronts Past Bullying Incidents

How did you think the star of “The Glory” would be a bully in real life? But this is what is currently in the air. Kim Heora has been accused of being a bully at her high school.

Kim Heora, best known for her role in the TV series “The Glory,” is currently dealing with allegations of bullying dating back to her high school days. There are those who claim that he was involved in bullying at the time. However, he disputes some of these allegations. The company that manages him is also taking some time to investigate and respond to these allegations.

It’s worth mentioning that Kim Heora, who recently appeared in “The Uncanny Encounter 2,” plays a high school bully in the Netflix show “The Glory.” In that series, Song Kyo played the lead role.

Kim Hyo-ra was a bully, claims report

According to a report by the Dispatch published on Wednesday, it was alleged that Kim Hyora was a member of a group known as the Big Sanji Group at Ace Girls Middle School in Onju, Gangwon. This group was known for notoriety. The group engaged in negative activities such as blackmail, physical violence and using offensive language.

According to sources in the report, Kim Heora allegedly pressured students to pay her for items such as drinks, cigarettes and smoking. The source claimed that he was quite persistent in his efforts to collect money from others. There were also allegations that he took money from a younger student and handed it over to an older group member to curry favor with them and demonstrate his worth within the group.

Kim Heora has been accused of bullying in high school (Credit: Spill Times)

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Kim Hyo-ra has denied all the charges brought against her

When rumors about her bullying scandal are widely discussed, Kim Hyo-ra comes forward and talks about them. He clarified that although he was a part of the group, he did not actively participate in any bullying incident. However, he admitted that he was present as a bystander and regretted not doing more to stop those activities.

In a statement, Kim Heora clarified that she was not directly involved in the rape incident. He also mentioned that he cannot smoke because his body does not react well to it. Another reason he doesn’t smoke is that his boyfriend doesn’t like it when girls smoke. He also explained that sometimes his friends would pay for karaoke, and although he couldn’t remember the details, he was sure he never took money from them.

Kim Heora
Kim Heora. The Glory Star (Credit: Koimoi)

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Kim explained that she joined the group because of her distinctive features, such as her fair skin, brown eyes, and unique name, which attracted the attention of others. He shared that being part of the group helped him avoid being tested or subjected to scrutiny, mainly as a way to protect himself.

At the same time, people on the internet are expressing their opinion about the scandal and some of them mentioned that they always had doubts about him.

One user commented that Keane doesn’t have to pretend at all, especially when it comes to his bully character in “The Glory.”

Others added that companies should conduct extensive background checks before introducing new idols and actors. This warning is important because such new careers can be damaged, even if a person changes. It may be wise to avoid starting their career altogether.

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