Kid Cudi clears up swirling rumours, pal Timothée Chalamet has undying love

Kid Cudi, the famous rapper and musician, was rumored to be in a relationship with popular actor Timothée Chalamet, known for his role as Willy Wonka. Kid Cudi decided to talk about these rumors on the internet to clear things up.

Kid Cudi seemed frustrated while replying to a concerned commenter’s message. The person noted that some people on TikTok are spreading the idea that Kid Cudi and Timothee Chalamet are no longer friends.

In his tweet, the rapper expressed his surprise and disbelief at the baseless rumours. He immediately took steps to refute these untrue statements, giving sincere assurances. He recently gave a public acknowledgment to Timmy on ‘Most Ant Dennis’.

A few weeks ago they spoke. Kid Cudi expresses his undying love for Timmy, referring to him as a brother forever. He assured everyone that they were on good terms and asked for trust from his audience. He admitted not knowing the source of the rumours, but urged people not to believe online gossip.

What is the reaction of netizens to the answer of Kid Cudi?

Kid Cudi’s fans were really happy when he spoke about the rumors and cleared things up. They showed how much they love him and thanked him in the comments.

Another fan confirmed the strong connection between Kid Cudi and his loyal fan group called “Kudfam”. They dismissed the rumors as nonsense and said that Kudfam knew them (Cudi and Timmy) and they didn’t believe those silly rumours.

Another person mentioned how social media can be a place where false rumors spread quickly and they shook their heads in disbelief at the untrue stories circulating on TikTok.

Timothée Chalamet and Kid Cudi are lifelong friends (Credit: Twitter)

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Friendship of Kid Cudi and Timothee Chalamet

In a 2018 GQ article, Timothée Chalamet explained how their friendship began. After her small role in the 2014 Christopher Nolan movie “Interstellar,” she spoke about her difficult time in Hollywood. Not knowing if he would make it in the industry, Timothée Chalamet jumped at the chance to spend a few hours backstage with his hero Kid Cudi at a Cudi concert in Montreal.

The story describes Cudi talking about his own difficult times and how fiercely determined he was to use his music to overcome those challenges. Timothy excused himself and left abruptly to save the notes on the phone to write down what he heard.

The original message was, “Are you, Timothy, the kind of person who couldn’t possibly live any other way? Fk yes”. Further to the story, Timothy spontaneously rapped a long verse from Cudi’s music that referred the writer to the magazine.

That year, Timothy got really excited on Twitter when he discovered that Cuddy said he was his favorite actor. Their mutual admiration continued, with Timothy replying, “Stan level 368483”, when Cuddy tweeted about Timothy’s previous post about his song “My World”.

In 2019, Cudi had her 35th birthday party at Nobu in Malibu. He celebrated it with Timothy, Pete Davidson and his previous friend and collaborator Kanye West.

Their close friendship became even more significant in 2021 when Cuddy joined former SNL stars Davidson and Chris Redd in a sketch on the show. The sketch celebrates the unique and well-known sound of rap music’s “Weird Little Flute” and even has a surprise appearance by Timothy dancing with the group.

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