Is Netflix school mystery series ‘The Sense’ really getting cancelled? explained

Mystery and fantasy dramas have a fan base; Recently, genre preferences among drama viewers have changed rapidly. Fed up with the rom-com genre, which follows the same script as always, audiences now want something different and exciting. Along with this, the mystery genre is also attracting a large number of international audiences.

After the huge success of Netflix’s school mystery dramas like All of Us Are Dead, and Duty After School, Netflix was all set to release its next banger, ‘The Sense’, which served in the same vein and had a chance to almost top it again. List of charts. Fans were keenly waiting and had high expectations about the drama ‘The Sense’

Surprisingly, on August 23, 2023, the media published a report about the cancellation of the play due to some conflicts and issues regarding script writing; Reports also claim that the drama has been liquidated along with its entire cast and crew.

Not only were the fans disappointed, some of them even wanted to return as a team. Read the full text below to know whether the drama is getting cancelled.

The Sense: Plot

The story revolves around four Catholic students and a strange teacher at their school. These four students have the unique ability to see, hear and feel spirits. It also has an evil spirit that wakes up after 10 years and harms the school and students.

‘The Sense’ is directed by Lee Jong Hyeum, and the main leads of the drama include Kim Yo Han and Han Ye Ri.

Kim Yo Han (Credit: Netflix)

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Is the play really being cancelled?

Although the media released a statement about the cancellation of the play, creating an uproar among the audience, the official production team of the play has denied all the rumors related to the cancellation of the play.

Highground, the production team of drama ‘The Sense’ released a statement saying that the drama has not been canceled completely. Due to some problems in writing the script of the play, the production of the play is temporarily stopped.

It also explained that they are going through various revisions to the scripts and will resume shooting once the scripts are completely revised; It was a matter of miscommunication between the crew.

Since we have received official news from the production team, we have confirmed that the drama is not being cancelled; However, due to the postponement of the show, there may be some delay in the release of the play.

A great win for mystery lovers as Netflix never fails to meet the high expectations of fans looking for a power-packed plot. Some fans even expressed that they found the story quite promising and are eager to see how the drama brings something different to the K-drama world.

Han Ye Ri
Han Ye Ri (Credit: Netflix)

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Now let’s take a look at the possible cast of ‘The Sense’

Kim Yo Han (Male Lead): Kim Yoo Han initially started out in the entertainment industry as a member of the boy band X1. Due to some internal issues, the group disbanded within a few months of their debut. Although he rejoined a group called WEi, he continues to produce and release solo music.

His acting career started with the play ‘A Love So Beautiful’; Yeo has not only attracted a good number of fans after displaying her amazing acting skills in the drama but also grabbed quite a good opportunity in the drama industry.

He was also the male lead in the drama School 2021; Fans are expecting something different from Yeo Han this time and are excited to see his new side.

Han Ye Ri (female lead): One of the most versatile actors in Kdrama land who has been in the industry for more than a decade, and has also garnered accolades from the Korean entertainment industry. Fans are excited to see her first comeback after marriage.

Let’s wait for the next official announcement of ‘The Sense’ drama and hope for a quick release of this highly anticipated drama.

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