How and when to watch the November lunar miracle

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The Beaver Moon, a celestial spectacle rich in tradition and history, will grace the US skies on November 27 at 9:16 am GMT or 4:16 am ET.

Named by Native American tribes who gave unique names to each full moon, the Beaver Moon is a spectacular lunar event that adds a touch of charm to the November night sky.

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A blood-red full Beaver Moon passes behind the Empire State Building during a total lunar eclipse on November 8, 2022 in New York City (Gary Hershorn/Getty Images)

What is the origin of the Beaver Moon?

The tradition of naming full moons dates back to Native American tribes who developed a lunar calendar based on natural rhythms and seasonal changes. These names served as a way to keep track of time, mark important events, and navigate their surroundings.

The Beaver Moon gets its name from the nocturnal activity of beavers at this time of year. Last year, the Beaver Blood Moon looked stunning during its partial eclipse, captured in a mesmerizing image from the Antipolo Cathedral in the Philippines on November 8, 2022.

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Which full moon is called the Beaver Moon?

It’s amazing how the November full moon turns into either a Hunter Moon or a Beaver Moon depending on the time.

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The Hunter’s Moon, appearing in early November, has historically signaled a favorable time for hunters to gather and store provisions for the coming winter.

On the other hand, when the full moon graces the sky after November 7, it takes the form of a Beaver Moon, paying tribute to the hard work of beavers as they diligently prepare for the coming cold.

Beavers become especially active in November, preparing for the upcoming winter months. These industrious creatures begin to build and repair their dams and houses, working hard under the moonlit night.

Thus, the full moon occurring after November 7th became synonymous with the industrious efforts of beavers, and the name “Beaver Moon” was retained through generations.

What is the meaning of the Beaver Moon?

In addition to its natural beauty, the Beaver Moon has cultural significance to various traditions of some Native American cultures, marking a time of social activity, storytelling, and reflection.

Its presence in the night sky has become a symbol of unity, reminding communities to come together as they prepare for the winter months.

When is the next Beaver Moon?

The next Beaver Moon will be visible on November 15, 2024.

It may seem like a cosmic pause, but fear not, as you can stay in the lunar cycle by following celestial updates on social media and keeping a close eye on astronomical calendars such as Star Walk 2 and Sky Tonight.

These tools will ensure that you don’t miss the slightest beat or moon when it comes to the dance of celestial events.

How to witness the Beaver Moon?

To catch a glimpse of this mesmerizing Beaver Moon, look to the eastern horizon during moonrise. The best time for viewing is usually at sunset, when the moon is low on the horizon and appears larger due to the “moon illusion.”

Ideal places to view the moon are in areas with minimal light pollution, such as rural or remote areas. City dwellers might consider finding a rooftop or park away from bright street lights to fully appreciate the beauty of the Beaver Moon.

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