Honeysuckle Rose Filming Location: The romance drama film was shot here

The beautiful romance drama film Honeysuckle Rose, which released in 1980, completed forty years of being a moderately entertaining story. Inspired by the 1936 Swedish movie Intermezzo, the movie won Amy Irving the Worst Supporting Actress Award at the Golden Raspberry Awards. So, let’s rewind a bit and see all the filming locations of this movie.

Directed by Jerry Schatzberg and written by John Binder, Carol Sobieski and William D. With a screenplay written by Wittliff, Honeysuckle Rose follows the story of a singer and her extramarital affairs. The Swedish version of the film was produced by Gustaf Molander and Gosta Stevens.

The makers cast actor Willie Nelson in the role of Buck Bonham, a struggling country singer with a loving family, a beautiful wife and a great son. Buck’s wife Viv Bonham was played by actress Diane Cannon. Amy Irving played Lily Ramsey, the daughter of Buck’s band guitarist, who eventually joined the band.

In addition to our main characters, the movie also stars Slim Pickens, Charles Levin, Mickey Rooney Jr., Lane Smith, Pepe Serna, Priscilla Pointer and many more in supporting roles. The movie failed to be the sensation or the next big romance movie that its makers probably wanted it to be.

A Texas-based romance drama film shot throughout Austin, Honeysuckle Rose (Credit: Warner Bros.)

With its predictable storyline and clich├ęd characters, the plot lacked depth and thought, and this fact remains painfully obvious throughout the movie. It feels unnecessarily stretched with a story that could have been wrapped up in less than an hour.

Ignoring the movie’s inability to impress audiences and critics, with its moderate success, let’s take a moment to visit all the locations where this movie was shot.

Honeysuckle Rose filming location

Perhaps the only thing the movie could have done better was the location scouting. Those in charge knew what they were doing as the film’s background is one of the only memorable things about it.

Texas, USA

The scene shots you see in the movie, the ones that make you want to be a part of the movie, were shot in the state of Texas. A heavy portion of the movie was actually shot in the state, with a heavy focus on Austin, Texas.

With the entire movie shot only in Austin, fans were able to pinpoint certain popular locations from the movie. Padre Island National Seashore in Texas was a location that the filmmakers visited many times for filming purposes.

Leads for the 1980 romance film, Honeysuckle Rose, shot in Austin, Texas (Credit: Warner Bros.)
The head of the 1980 romance film Honeysuckle Rose, filming in Austin, Texas (Credit: Warner Bros.)

North Cross Mall also appears several times in the film, particularly the ice skating rink, which is no longer part of the mall. Congress Avenue was another famous location used extensively in the film. A popular scene from the film, which many may remember as the Bonham family reunion scene, was filmed at the Fisher Dance Hall, also located in Texas.

The entire film was shot over a period of a year or so in Austin, Texas. Considering the film is so old, many of the locations used in it are not recognizable in present-day Austin.

But props must be given to director Jerry Schatzberg for using the locations in a way that brings out their full potential, making the scenes as romantic as they are.

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