Had cancer at age 4 months, treated at AIIMS, now making people aware

Cancer in children

Cancer Survivorship: 12 years of age within a few months of birth cancer happened. It was in the eye, medically known as retinoblastoma. This cancer is more common in children under the age of five and is passed from one generation to another, meaning it is a disease caused by genetics. Sniti was diagnosed with cancer in the fourth month of her birth. Sneethi was treated at Delhi AIIMS and is now recovering. At the age of 12, he is now making people aware of the disease. Sniti revealed this to Tv9 while narrating her story at AIIMS.

Like Sniti, 250 children who beat cancer at AIIMS shared their life-related stories in a programme. Similarly, Delhi resident Vikas Jain also attended AIIMS. In 2007 Vikas was diagnosed with eye cancer. He was only three years old. His parents initially sought treatment at a private hospital but did not get much relief. He was then treated at AIIMS, Delhi and recovered after three years of treatment. Now Vikas has turned 18 and is making people aware about cancer.

80 percent of children win the cancer battle

Professor, Department of Pediatric Oncology, AIIMS Dr. Rachna Seth He said that about 80 percent of children who come to the hospital for cancer treatment recover from the disease. Children have a strong will to beat cancer and respond well to treatment. In India, 70,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year. Of these, about 400 cases come to AIIMS every year. 80 percent of these children beat the disease.

Timely recognition leads to treatment

Dr. Sheth said that cancer in children can be easily treated if caught in time. Eye cancer and blood cancer are more common in children. In many cases, children suffer from cancer due to genetic factors. However, every 250 children are successfully treated at AIIMS and beat the cancer.

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