Good Bones Season 8 Episode 5: Spoilers, Streaming Guide & Release Date

The redesigning and redecorating series is almost everyone’s guilty pleasure with its relaxing and refreshing vibe. Released in 2016, following a similar concept of DIY and remodeling, a series titled Good Bones was created centered around a mother-daughter duo renovating old houses into homes with resale value.

Directed by Matthew Egan and Chuck Stream, the series is directed by Karen E. Lane, a former defense attorney, and his daughter Mina Starsiak, a former part-time waitress, focus on their leisurely house flipping journey around Indianapolis.

Apart from renovating houses, Mina also works as a real estate agent and she shows renovated houses to new clients. Produced by Marissa Vaughan, Scott Feeley and Candice Grubb, the series stars Karen Lane, Mina Starsiak, Tad Starsiak, Austin Ayens and Corey Miller.

Mina and her mother [Credits- HGTV]

Released by HGTV on March 22, 2016, the series ran for seven successful seasons and was renewed for an eighth season. The reality series received an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience. The mother-daughter duo also owns Two Chicks, a furniture store in Bates-Hendricks.

The duo’s business has tables for laptop use and a beer bar Good Bones has successfully grabbed the audience’s attention with the duo’s unique and fresh designs. Till date, the series has 80 episodes with a run time of 43 minutes each.

The series is the third most popular show in the real estate segment with educational features and materials for real estate agents. Good Bones has the hype that each new series expects as the pair introduce new designs and turn old rundown houses into new ones.

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Good Bones Season 8 To Date – Recap

The new season of Good Bones focuses on the mother-daughter duo redecorating and renovating old houses. Karen and Mina are assisted by their crew as they rebuild rundown houses in their hometown of Indianapolis.

Karen’s background in legalese and Mina’s knowledge of real estate help the pair secure diamonds in the rough, and then they list said home to new clients. The series begins with Mina and her team returning to the Bates Hendricks neighborhood to convert a house into two residences.

good bones
Mina and her team renovate rundown houses [Credits- HGTV]

The pair needed to pinch pennies after investing in an expensive fountain fix. The pair successfully managed to flip the house and give it a wow factor before listing it for clients.

Episode two sees the crew return to Bates Hendrix to take on their second rundown house on Singleton Street. Crews have to work with vaulted ceilings and a secret room in the kitchen.

The crew got to work adding a serious wow factor to the home, including a serene spa to entice buyers to the area after it was listed for sale. The third episode sees Mina and her crew doing a charming historic renovation at Hill Street’s Irvington.

Mina and her crew have their work cut out for them after they run into trouble with the city. Mina needs to build an electric villa to maintain the historic integrity of the house.

The fourth episode saw Meena and her crew renovating an old house by adding two floors and a separate income suite. Mina is challenged to stay within budget after major problems arise during framing.

Good Bones Season 8 Episode 5 Preview

The upcoming episode titled “Falling Head Ova Hills in Fountain Square” will witness Mina and her crew helping her friend convert a historic Fountain Square home into a salon for his business.

Crews and Mina’s friends plan to add a coffee show to the salon during renovations, but things take an ugly turn when the health department steps in. It will be interesting to see if Meena succeeds in turning things around for her and her friend .

Good Bones Season 8- Episode 5- Release Date

Good Bones Season 8 Episode 5 will air on September 12, 2023 at 10:00 PM [E.T.]. The episode will run for 60 minutes and the series is expected to have 10 episodes. Episodes are released on a weekly schedule, with new episodes airing every Tuesday.

  • In India – 7:30 am [I.S.T.] on 13th September 2023
  • In the US – 10:00 am [E.T.] on 12th September 2023
  • In the UK – 2:00 AM [G.M.T.] on 13th September 2023
  • In Japan – 11:00 AM [J.S.T.] on 13th September 2023
  • In Korea – 11:00 am [K.S.T.] on 13th September 2023
  • In Australia – 12:00 PM [A.C.D.T.] on 13th September 2023

Good Bones Season 8 Streaming Guide

Series fans can access episodes on HGTV, and since HGTV is only accessible to people in the United States, viewers outside the country will need to use a VPN. The series is also available on Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, YouTube and iTunes. Viewers have to either buy or rent the series to watch it.

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