Freelancer Episode 5: Preview, Release Date and Spoilers

Indian shows on streaming platforms have been doing extremely well of late and Freelancer is no exception. With Mohit Raina, Anupam Kher, and Kashmira Pardesi in the lead roles, one can always expect a great performance on screen, especially when paired with Neeraj Pandey’s writing. Based on Shirish Thorat’s 2017 book A Ticket to Syria, the show has been received exceptionally well by the audience.

The first four episodes of the show, which have released so far, are filled with action, emotions, a handful of different plot twists and of course a very engaging story. Freelancer Episode 5 will continue this momentum, bringing more questions that must be resolved and perhaps even tying up some loose ends.

Episodes 1 to 4 were released on September 1, 2023 (Friday) on the streaming platform Disney+. The show’s runtime is around 55 minutes for the first three episodes and around 40 minutes for the fourth.

Before we jump into the possibility of The Freelancer episode 5 and what it could mean for the story, let’s first have a quick overview of the show.

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Everything that happened up to episode 5 of The Freelancer

This show undoubtedly has one of the fastest-paced yet complex plots I’ve seen in a while The story revolves around Alia Khan (played by Kashmira Pardesi), who is tricked into ISIS-controlled territory, and Avinash Kamath (played by Mohit Raina), who is actually The Freelancer.

Alia is a 21-year-old girl who recently got married to Mohsin Fazal (who hails from a rich family currently living in Malaysia) and is about to go through the most brutal experience she can imagine. Things start to happen very quickly when their honeymoon turns into a family trip of sorts and Mohsin and his family start doing things that Aaliya has no prior knowledge of.

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Soon, Alia’s parents can no longer reach her, and tension and anxiety begin to build as the girl and her in-laws are completely off the grid for a week. The main point of interest here is Alia’s father, Inayet Khan, a former Mumbai policeman. Also in the trailer, we see that Inayet was dismissed from the police force for a supposed ‘misconduct’, although it is still unclear what exactly happened.

For reasons unknown to anyone but himself, the man apparently killed himself by driving into the American embassy and shooting himself. As his wife, Sabina, grieves over her husband’s sudden death, she faces the growing terror of losing her daughter forever to religious extremists.

Here Avinash Kamath is a mercenary who has made a name for himself in his line of work. He is shown to be ruthless but never impulsive or callous and works with Dr. Arif Khan, the mastermind behind his mission. Avinash himself has a tragic backstory, which is shown in the first two episodes.

It becomes clear how Mohsin and his family have been brainwashed into thinking what they do in the name of religion is right. From abducting his wife and being violent with her to horribly subjugating her, the extent of this is seen in his every act, one cannot imagine. Former colleagues and close friends with Inayet, Avinash promises himself and Sabina to bring Alia home safe and alive and keep her safe until she reaches him.

It essentially forms the core of the show. Another interesting dimension to the story is that till now, Avinash had the luxury of being emotionally detached from his mission as a mercenary. However, he can’t do anything else this time.

Episode 4 of the show brings a new twist when Mohsin’s brother and sister-in-law are involved in a premeditated suicide bombing in the city of Raqqa. At this point, Alia realizes with horror the extent of Mohsin’s madness as she records the outburst with a smile.

Once again, confronted with what hell looks like, Avinash now has a new, more terrifying reality—one never knows when Mohsin might force Alia to do the same to him.

The Freelancer Episode 5: Previews and Spoilers

The lack of a trailer or a preview for the upcoming episodes hasn’t stopped viewers from speculating about what will happen next. You can check out the show trailer here:

The first part has several sub-plots built into the main story, though so far, it seems like everything might eventually tie into Alia’s escape story.

The mystery of Inayet’s death, how Mohsin and his family became so radicalised, Alia and Avinash’s extremely brave and skilled teamwork and the freelancer’s tussle with the CIA are the only clues that will lead to an important conclusion.

Freelancer Episode 5: Release Date

No clear release date has been given yet for the next episode of The Freelancer. Freelancer Episode 5 will be released by September 21, 2023 along with the rest of the episodes as the second part of the season. So keep your eyes peeled for future episodes. In the meantime, watch the existing episodes so that you don’t miss a single detail of this incredible show.

Where to watch Freelancer episode 5

While the release date for Episode 5 has yet to be revealed, the first part of the show is available on Disney+, where it will continue to run. The show is originally in Hindi but is available in Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam and Kannada with dubbing and English subtitles.


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