Fans of Johnny Depp note the complete absence of Amber Heard in the new Aquaman 2 trailer

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Amid the growing controversy surrounding Amber Heard, the new trailer for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom makes a surprising omission – Amber Heard’s character Mera is conspicuously absent.

This follows speculation that her role in the film was significantly reduced due to the fallout from her legal battles and the negative attention they attracted, as reported by the Daily Mail.

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Amber Heard is completely CUT OUT from the new Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom trailer

— Daily Mail Celebrities (@DailyMailCeleb) November 20, 2023

Director James Wan Says Aquaman Sequel Should Never Have Focused on Amber Heard’s Character

Heard’s fleeting appearance as Mera in the first trailer released in September hinted at a limited role. However, in the latest teaser of the film, which will be released on December 20, 2023, her character is nowhere to be found.

Heard’s character’s absence is stark in the new trailer, which primarily focuses on Jason Momoa’s Aquaman as he now juggles fatherhood with his duties as king of Atlantis. Notably, Nicole Kidman, reprising her role as Atlanna, appears to have a more prominent role in the film’s action scenes.

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Mera, portrayed by Hurd, is the daughter of King Nereus, who has telepathic powers to control water and communicate with Atlanteans. In the story, she is Aquaman’s wife.

Director James Wan responded to ongoing rumors about Heard’s reduced presence in the sequel by saying that the focus was never on keeping her character, Mera, front and center.

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Wan explained that the first film primarily focused on Aquaman and Mera’s journey, and the sequel was always intended to delve deeper into the relationship between Aquaman and Orm.

Director James Wan says the Aquaman sequel was never intended to focus on Amber Heard’s character (Getty Images)

The stormy saga of Amber Heard “Aquaman”

Heard’s involvement in the sequel was a tumultuous one, marked by legal battles, alleged on-set conflicts and claims of a reduced role.

Reports say therapy tapes made public in December 2021, which included Heard’s discussions about filming conditions and her interactions with Wang, painted a picture of disagreements and alleged abuse, Variety reported.

The sensational therapy docs cite troubling incidents on set, including allegations that Momoa deliberately dressed as Heard’s ex-husband Johnny Depp and advocated for her firing from the film.

Representatives for Momoa declined to comment on the allegations, while a spokesperson for DC Studios said Momoa maintained professionalism throughout the filming process.

While the allegations and counterclaims continue, reports have surfaced that Heard’s on-screen chemistry with Momoa was allegedly lacking, sparking discussions about her being written out of the film. However, Elon Musk, Heard’s former partner, stepped in to secure her a role in the sequel after discussing her potential dismissal.

Amber Heard in 2016 (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)
Amber Heard’s involvement in the Aquaman sequel has been a whirlwind. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Johnny Depp fans express joy over Amber Heard’s absence from Aquaman 2 trailer

Heard’s absence from the latest Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom trailer has sparked backlash, especially among Depp’s supporters.

Comments on social media reflect a sense of satisfaction and approval at Heard’s omission, with some users expressing satisfaction at her being cut in promotional materials.

“Dear, sweet karma!” remarked one user on X. “Joy to the world,” another user wrote.

Dear, sweet karma! 😍😮‍💨

– Angelus #AlitaArmy (@DavidBirch1982) November 21, 2023

Joy to the world

— Terry Orange (@Terryorange6) November 20, 2023

A third user firmly stated: “She should not be left in the film at all.” Taking a similar stance, someone mentioned, “Cut from the trailer… Not from the movie. Unfortunately.”

She shouldn’t have been in the film at all.

— Birdie.Mae (@BirdieMae74) November 20, 2023

Cut from the trailer…. Not that movie. Unfortunately.

— KΞLLY𓂃ᥫ᭡ (@kellyindigogo) November 20, 2023

“And nothing valuable was lost,” joked a fifth user.

And nothing valuable was lost

— sui Generis (@PressPlay_niziU) November 20, 2023

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