Dear Child Netflix Finale Explained: What Happens to Hannah and Jonathan?

‘Dear Child’ is a Netflix psychological suspense miniseries created by Isabelle Kleefeld and Julian Parksen.

The German-language series, originally known as “Liebes Kind”, is based on the same-titled book by author Romi Hausmann. Lena, a mother and wife, and her two children, Hannah and Jonathan, live in a high-security building where most of the show’s action takes place.

However, several family secrets slowly begin to unravel when an accident forces Lena and her children to interact with the outside world. Here’s what you need to know about the conclusion of “Dear Child” if you want to explain the gloomy, suspenseful and scary events that determine the future of Lena, Hannah and Jonathan.

In the German thriller series Dear Child, Jasmine Grass (Kim Riddell) finds herself imprisoned in a small, windowless apartment in the heart of a northern German forest after being kidnapped in a parking garage.

Her captor, whose face we never see, dyes her dark hair blonde and refers to her as “Lena.” She is then forced to follow his strict guidelines and take care of “their” young children Hannah (Nayla Schubarth) and Jonathan (Sammy Schrein).

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The plot of the show

Lena, a mother, and her two children, Hannah and Jonathan, are shown in the opening scenes of “Dear Child” living their daily lives in a locked house. The “Papa” of the family, whom the children must always follow, welcomes them.

Lena is often punished for breaking the rules, although the children are respectful and obey all the rules. Lena wanders away from home one day and enters a nearby forest.

He is hit by an oncoming car and taken to the hospital in an ambulance with Hannah. During Lena’s surgery at the hospital, Detective Ida Kurt arrives at the scene to investigate the alleged hit-and-run case.

Nurse Ruth, meanwhile caring for Hannah, discovers that Lena attacked Hannah’s father before escaping. Hannah also said her brother Jonathan, who is with her father, is at the residence.

IDA consequently launched a search and rescue operation at the military complex near the site of the Lena tragedy. On the other hand, State Police Officer Gerd B├╝hling warns Matthias and Karin Beck after learning about Lena’s attack.

Lena Beck, the daughter of the Beck family, was reported missing about thirteen years ago and matches the description of Lena, the victim of the Aachen hit-and-run case.

The Becks are shocked to discover that the woman is not their daughter when they go to the hospital. Becks and the detectives find the case confusing because Hannah resembles a young Lena. Hannah is placed under the care of a psychiatrist while Lena recovers from her surgery.

Matthias visits Hannah at the mental clinic after convincing her that he is her grandson. Gerd informs Ida of Lena’s disappearance at the same time, and the two women look for any connection between the two cases.

After regaining consciousness, Gerd questions Lena, but she won’t say anything because of the voices in her head. The woman introduces herself as Lena, and Ida discovers Jonathan in what appears to be the damaged body of the children’s father.

Dear Child (Credit: Netflix)

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Dear Child, The End of Netflix Explained

Eventually, it is revealed that Jasmine was kidnapped by the mysterious “Papa” after a job interview. She is forced to take over as Lena’s biological mother for Hannah and Jonathan. Her captor physically and sexually abused her.

Over time, Jasmine became very close to the children. Jasmine attacks Dad once using a snow globe and then escapes. While Hannah and Papa were looking for him, he was hit by a car.

When they discover Jasmine, Hanna convinces Papa to allow her to go with him to the hospital because the kids love their new mom. In the end, Papa snatches Hannah from the Becks’ residence and returns to fetch his family when the time is perfect.

Jasmine is ready and has blonde hair like Lena when Papa comes to pick her up. Jasmine also wears a long skirt and a white top, matching her clothing while in captivity. Lars Ragnar, the owner of the security firm that manages surveillance for the military base, is revealed to be Papa in the final episode.

He monitored his family using monitoring technology provided by his employer. Lars was not included in the questions asked by Ida and Gerd staff members. Gerd discovers that Lars is responsible for the case just as he learns that Jasmine has been kidnapped and Hannah is missing.

dear child
Dear Child Stills (Credit: Netflix)

When Hannah insists, Jasmine and Lars stop at the beach on their way to their new home. Jasmine supports the need to use the restroom when she collapses. As it turns out, she pretends to be unconscious to get to Lars and then butchers him with a shard of Hannah’s glass to torture the kids and her.

Jasmine is tormented in her thoughts by Lars’ voice throughout the series and cannot overcome the tragic events. It comes as a big shock, then, that he decides to return to Lars voluntarily. Jasmine doesn’t want to live in fear anymore, so she just goes along with Lars’ plan so he can kill her.

Lars’ passing allows Jasmine to finally gain her freedom and move on. In addition to locating Lena’s body, the guard discovers a dead Lars, ending the investigation and giving Becks and himself some closure.

The evil “Papa”, who torments Jasmine and the kids in various episodes but whose face is never revealed, gradually develops in the series. In the climax, security firm owner Lars Ragnar is identified as the culprit. Lars’ mother abandoned him, and his grandparents took care of him as a child.

After working for Becks, he falls in love with Lena. Lars kidnaps Lena one evening and holds her hostage. Lars kidnapped Lena when she was already pregnant due to an affair with an ex-boyfriend.

Hanna admits that they had a younger sister, Sarah, who died as a newborn, although it is never said how Lena died. It is implied that Lena died from the shock of her pregnancy or the grief of losing her daughter.

Later, Lars kidnaps several women to take Lena’s place, but Jasmine falls for him. It is later discovered that Lena resembles Lars’ mother, who abandoned him for an unspecified reason.

This implies that Lars is a psychopath who tortured several other women, including Lena and Jasmine, because of unresolved feelings about his mother. In the end, Lars is killed by Jasmine, ending his reign of terror.

Aida and Gerd also reveal the connection between Lars and those whose bones were found at the military base. It is reasonable to assume that the police let Jasmine off by blaming Lars for her actions because they believed Lars’ death was the result of self-defense.

Lena’s children who suffer at the hands of Lars are Hannah and Jonathan. Although the children seem to love their “dad”, they fear punishment because they are aware of some of Lars’s actions.

dear child
Dear Child (Credit: Netflix)

In the final scene, Jasmine murders Lars, raising the possibility that Hannah was involved in the plot as well. Hanna convinces Lars to take her Jasmine to the hospital. Jasmine also received the glass shard from Hannah, which she later used to stab Lars to death.

At the last minute, Hannah and Jasmine go to the beach, just like Lena described in her children’s bedtime stories. The encounter deepens Hannah and Jasmine’s connection and raises the possibility that they worked together to escape the prison.

We can conclude that Hannah and Jonathan have been given a chance at a normal life by seeing Hannah Bakes, and Jonathan continues to work on his mental health in the psychiatric unit and make new friends.

The children now seem able to put their worst experiences behind them and look forward to building fulfilling lives.

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