Daoud Yaya Brahim : How old is Chad’s military commander?

The subject of this article is the Wikipedia entry for Daoud Yaya Brahim. He is Chad’s Minister of Defense and has become famous on the Internet since his video went viral. It should be noted that Brahim is not alone in this affair, as the Secretary General of the government Haliki Choua Mahamat has also made a name for himself and is implicated in this affair. In this context, today’s article, which has gathered all accessible sources, has covered the news on Brahim’s scandal. Stay tuned for more information on Daoud Yaya Brahim’s life and other personal data from Wikipedia.

Daoud Yaya Brahim’s age

A few hours later, another private tape that appeared on social media showing him with a young woman was leaked, and government Secretary General Haliki Choua Mahamat also tendered his resignation. Mr. Mahamat, furious “at the exposure of his private life”, announced that he intended to lodge a complaint with the authorities. “Prime Minister Saleh Kebzabo has accepted the resignations of the Secretary General of the Government, Haliki Choua Mahamat, and the Minister of Defense, Daoud Yaya Brahim,” said a brief statement, without giving further details. According to the French publication Jeune Afrique, Mr. Kebzabo and President Mahamat Idriss D├ęby had asked the officers to resign in order to facilitate the country’s transition to a democratic regime.

Daoud Yaya Brahim is mentioned on Wikipedia, but there is little information about him. Although his age is not given anywhere, we assume he is in his fifties. Daoud Yaya Brahim is a Chadian politician and general. He announced his resignation as Minister of Defense on October 18, 2023, due to a sex scandal involving the government’s Secretary General, Haliki Choua Mahama. His exact net worth is unclear because he was a politician, but we can assume he made a good living. He may be wealthy in addition to owning luxury cars, a collection of designer handbags and other extravagances.

Prime Minister Saleh Kebzabo has accepted Brahim’s resignation, according to an administration official. The announcement was made in a press release, but no further information was provided. According to local media, Mr. Daoud announced his resignation late on Tuesday night, after repeated attempts to accept a self-pardonation and acknowledging that he did not appear in the video that was made public. No further information is available. Updates of the facts may be made in the future if interest in the subject grows. Stay with us for the latest news.


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