Celie Vasquez’s update on overnight hospital stay causes concern among Love Island Games fans

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA: Love Island Games season 1 star Cely Vasquez recently opened up about her life on social media. And it looks like she’s not doing so well in real life.

The California native uploaded a photo of herself sitting in a hospital bed with the words: “Hi best friends! a little renewal of life.” She further stated that her younger brother Benny was in poor health.

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She added: “Benny is in hospital now, we spent the whole night in A&E and he was admitted to the cardiac unit.” She then told her fans: “He’s fine, but I’ll be by his side until he’s discharged.”

She then stated that she would not be uploading any episodes today as she spent the entire night taking care of her brother. Celie wrote on her Instagram story: “No report today. Love you guys so much and I hope you enjoy the season finale.”

She then uploaded a photo of Benny’s leg to her story, saying: “Benny just poked that egg and said, ‘That’s it!’ One ticket to go please!!” She added: “I read him sweet messages from your guys and he says thank you for the prayers! We love you guys.”

She went on to upload a photo of Benny responding to one of the fans’ messages, writing, “Benny is a little brother!”

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The star of the first season of “Love Island Games” Cely Vasquez tells fans the news from her life (Instagram/@cely)

Cely Vasquez and Eyal Booker made it to the top four of Love Island Games season 1

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Sali, along with Eyal Booker, managed to make it to the top four in the first season of Love Island Games. She has been a fan favorite since day one.

Her position in the series became even stronger when Johnny Middlebrooks and her past love story were revealed to viewers. She was right in the eyes of the fans.

However, Celie was eliminated in the Love Island Games season 1 mega-duel, leaving Justin Ndiba and Jack Fowler, Callum Hole and Deb Chubb, and Johnny Middlebrooks and Aurelia Lamprecht moving forward on the show.

Eyal Booker and Cely Vasquez kiss on Love Island Games (Instagram/@loveislandusa)
Eyal Booker and Cely Vazquez are among the final four of the Love Island Games (Instagram/@loveislandusa)

Who won the first season of Love Island Games?

Jack and Justin won the first series of the Love Island Games. Thus, the couple received 100 thousand dollars as a prize fund. Fans were already rooting for Jack and Justine to win ahead of the final episode.

Jack and Justine were the only couple who had their eyes on each other from the beginning. They were not seen to divert their attention and team up with anyone else. Indeed, fans believed that the couple deserved to win.

Jack Fowler and Justin Ndiba have announced the winner of the first season of Love Island Games (Instagram/@loveislandusa)
Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba have announced the winner of the first season of Love Island Games (Instagram/@loveislandusa)

The first season of The Love Island Games is available to stream on Peacock.

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