BLACKPINK Lisa’s Official Instagram Is Being Paniced By Chinese Netizens Following ‘Crazy Horse’ Performance Announcement

Blackpink is a thriving Korean pop girl group band. The group is not only famous locally, but their prevalence in the West is evident from their regular projects. The group consists of four members: Jenny, Jisoo, Rose and Lisa.

Recently, Blackpink member Lisa “Crazy Horse” received mixed reactions from fans and citizens after announcing that she would be performing in Paris. The idol posted a charismatic shadow photo of him and the performance dates to announce his performance in Crazy Horse on his official Instagram stories.

While French and other Blinks are supporting the idol for their first K-pop performance on Crazy Horse, Chinese netizens and Blinks are opposing the idol’s performance on “Crazy Horse”.

Blackpink’s rapper Lisa, also known as Lalisa Manoble. He is one of the famous Blackpink members who is admired by fans for his unique rapping style and dance moves. Recently, Lisa’s solo album “Lalisa” went crazy, which won her many notable awards.

Lisa will perform on “Crazy Horse”.

Blackpink member Lisa is set to perform on the sensual stage of “Crazy Horse” in Paris for three days. Lisa revealed the news on her official Instagram account story.

Lisa posted a sexy and charismatic silhouette of her in black and pink with the caption “Shh…Coming Soon” and tagged the official Instagram handle of “Crazy Horse”. Murthy mentions the dates below, which are written just below “September 28, 29, 30” with the ticket booking link.

French blinks astounded by Lisa’s crazy girl transformation at Crazy Horse Cabaret. It is rumored that Lisa will perform three of her famous songs and add more spice to her choreography to set the cabaret mood.

Lisa is already famous for her unique rap skills and dancing. It remains to be seen how the icon will adapt to his new style while still engaging with the tradition of Crazy Horse in Cabaret. Tickets for the first day have already been sold.

Lisa faces backlash from Chinese netizens for performing on ‘Crazy Horse’

Since the official news of Lisa performing at Crazy Horse Cabaret was announced, the idol has received a huge amount of support as well as criticism and hate. Mainly, Chinese netizens are scaring the statue by commenting on its official Instagram post, and it was a hot search on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

According to Chinese fans, Lisa’s choice to perform in Crazy House is very different and bad because Blinks also has underage or minor fans and it can have a bad effect on the fans. Meanwhile, fans worldwide are supporting Lisa for exploring the music industry and doing things outside the box.

Lisa’s story post announcing her appearance on Crazy Horse [Credit: Lisa’s official Instagram]

Lisa’s Instagram posts were flooded with comments from Chinese netizens, which read in English, “Women never use this kind of show to promote independence,” and other netizens commented, “Role model for many people, but it’s not really necessary to make money so hard.”

Lisa’s Instagram post has been flooded with abusive comments from netizens. On Weibo, within an hour of the announcement, “Lisa” and “Crazy Horse” became hot searches. A Blackpink fan account on Weibo has also been shut down.

What is “Crazy House” and why is Lisa getting negative feedback?

Crazy House is famous for its cabaret performances, often performed by striper dancers to attract the audience. Dancers even perform naked. However, Crazy Horse’s performances are famous for their unique musical style mixed with elaborate fashion and even magic.

Many Westerners have also performed at Crazy Horse, such as Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera. However, Lisa will be the first South Korean artist to perform at Crazy Horse, making history.

Another fanbase reaction to Blackpink

Blackpink’s official Chinese fanbase speculated that all the troll comments were being posted by an anti-base to show their hatred for the artist. However, Blackpink’s fanbase around the world has also commented positively on Lisa’s performance in Crazy Horse and supports her no matter what others say or post about her.


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