Billy Porter says he had “no intention of returning to the industry” after Celine Dion recorded his song

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Billy Porter delved into the challenges he faced during his early days in the music industry.

Calling his experience in the industry “traumatic,” the 54-year-old singer spoke candidly in an interview with Vulture about the difficulties in pursuing his aspirations as a musician due to the widespread “homophobia” he experienced.

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Billy Porter felt defeated after Celine Dion recorded one of his songs.

Porter, who was awarded an honorary Master of Culture degree by the publication, also recalled being disappointed that his song “Love Is On the Way” went to Celine Dion.

“It was traumatic. The industry was very homophobic,” Broadway Porter said of his quest to become a solo musical artist after winning 1992’s Star Search, as well as his early success on Broadway, which was overshadowed by the music industry’s resistance to his identity.

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“It was all smoke and mirrors to make the world think I was straight, that I was masculine enough to exist,” he said.

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Porter recounted his turning point when he realized his authenticity was under threat, saying: “Then my label gave my song to Celine Dion for The First Wives Club!”

He expressed disappointment that his soundtrack was recorded and used by Dion on her 1997 album Let’s Talk About Love.

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“They gave it straight to her! Same producer [Ric Wake] produced this for her. I thought, “I didn’t come here to be a demo singer for fucking Celine Dion!” I’m done!” said the “Pose” actor.

“It happened at that moment and I said, ‘I’m done. If this is all the music business can offer me, then I’m screwed. She can have it, y’all can have it, I’m leaving,” he continued.

Billy Porter frustrated by ‘systems of oppression’ in industry

Porter explained that his disappointment was not directed at Dion, but at systemic problems in the music industry.

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“I love her, no shade, she’s gorgeous, it’s not about Celine Dion. It’s about systems of oppression that silence and ignore our contributions to the world,” he said.

Porter, who is now an A-list star and acclaimed artist, had “no intention of returning to the music industry en masse” at the time.

However, after years of success on television and Broadway, he returned to music, releasing his new album, Black Mona Lisa, on Friday, November 17th.

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“She’s free, bitch!” The artist jokingly said that today he creates music on his own terms.

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