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With Danny Masterson’s recent thirty-year prison sentence after being convicted of rape, we got to talk about his wife and mother to his 9-year-old daughter Bijou Phillips Masterson. She is an American singer, actress and songwriter.

A radical vegan and Scientologist who was at the center of public scrutiny in light of Masterson’s rape allegations, a woman stood by Masterson and defended him to the end.

So, what is the trajectory of Bijou Phillips? How did he meet Danny Masterson and most importantly, what is the net worth of Bijou Phillips? How would this sentence affect its meaning if it did? All of these things are going to be tested more down the line.

Bijou Phillips and Kate Hudson in Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous (Credit: DreamWorks Pictures)

Bijou Phillips career

Bijou was born on 1 April 1980 in Connecticut, the daughter of John Phillips, an Aries, and singer of the 1960s folk band “The Mamas and the Papas”. Her name means “jewel” and she has three siblings. After his parents separated, he and his mother, Genevieve Waite, moved to New York and studied there until his father sued his mother for custody and had to move in with her.

Biju’s life was plagued with controversies and personal problems, at the age of thirteen she found out that her father was having an affair with one of her half-sisters. Perhaps that traumatic event created an impression in her personal relationship to seek someone like her father, a man who is famous and a sex predator like her current husband, convicted serial rapist Danny Masterson, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Bijou began acting and modeling, appearing on the cover of Italian Vogue, modeling underwear for Calvin Klein and singing, recording an album in 1999 when she was seventeen. She kept hustling and eventually worked on an indie movie called Sugar Town, which starred Robert Downey Jr. and Jared Leto in Black and White, directed by James Toback.

It was in the 2000s when she landed a major role opposite Kate Hudson in Almost Famous, directed by Cameron Crowe, which was a hit and won four Oscars. She built on that success with roles in Bully, Octane, The Door in the Floor and A Widow for a Year. He later moved on to horror films such as The Wizard of Gore and Hostel: Part Two.

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Danny Masterson

Bijou met her husband Danny Masterson at a poker game in Las Vegas around 2004, she worked with him in three movies, they started dating and they hit it off. Both hardcore Scientologists, they got engaged after dating for five years and married in 2011. They have a nine-year-old daughter.

Danny Masterson maintained the presence of a devout husband and strong Scientologist, supporting his wife when she was diagnosed with kidney disease and eventually underwent a transplant.

When Danny Masterson was accused of rape, tried and then retried and convicted, Bijou stood by him, garnering huge support from the Scientology crowd, who paid a hefty retainer fee to represent Masterson’s legal defense in court. . When Masterson was sentenced in early September 2023 to thirty years in prison for two of the three counts of rape. He stood beside her.

Bijou Phillips Net Worth
Biju takes court with husband Danny Masterson (Credit: Entertainment Tonight YouTube Channel)

Bijou Phillips Net Worth

After all is said and done about Biju’s trajectory, her modeling gigs, her acting career and her singing, we have to ask about her net worth. Considering that the Church of Scientology covered the entirety of Masterson’s extremely high-profile defense, it likely hasn’t affected his net worth — yet. Since Masterson may face a civil lawsuit over the work following his sentencing by his victims seeking damages, it’s possible that Bijou’s $9 million net worth will be reduced as he will be forced to liquidate some of the assets he shared with Masterson to satisfy. Damages that her husband’s victims want.

Regardless, Bijou Phillips’ $9 million net worth comes from her work, she’s ready to grab any extras she might share with Danny, and considering how Hollywood-y things can get, she’s divorcing Masterson to save some assets. Can The question isn’t as much about her net worth as what she’s going to do with her daughter’s father behind bars for the next three decades.

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