Bachelor in Paradise Filming Locations: Where Was the Old Classic Filmed?

Bachelor in Paradise is a beautiful film, thanks in large part to the choice of filming locations. For those who enjoy retro-vintage designs, this is a real feast for the eyes.

If you’re a fan of Janice, Lana, Paula, or Virginia, the interiors of the locations as well as the exteriors of the movie almost serve as an adequate look away from Bob’s awesome co-stars.

If you’re a fan of these classic 1960s companies, cars and clothes, you’ll be delighted with this movie. It has a lively 1950s store and includes a bowling alley, drive-in restaurant and oh-so-retro tiki bar.

In the 1961 film Bachelor in Paradise, Bob Hope plays a writer who conducts research for a book on suburban American romance. This is an everyday Bob Hope film with lots of jokes and casual observations As his love interest, Lana Turner also appears in the film.

Bachelor in Paradise Plot

The film stars Bob Hope as AJ Niles, a well-known writer known for his writings about the sex life, diet and lifestyle of Europeans. He travels the entire continent conducting research and his publications have grossed over a million dollars.

Bob Hope in the San Fernando Valley (Credit: Metro Goldwyn Mayer)

After a 14-year hiatus, he returns to the United States only to find that his company’s manager has fled to Mexico, leaving him to deal with the relentless pursuit of the IRS with a tax liability of more than $600,000. His publisher advised him to produce another book about Americans to help pay off this debt.

Niles unwittingly takes up residence in a planned community in California’s San Fernando Valley to study men, women and their lifestyles for his latest exposé, “How the Americans Live.”

Asha, the only bachelor in Paradise Village, quickly wins the love of the bored women in the neighborhood but loses love with the husbands.

The movie stars Lana Turner, Agnes Moorhead, Dawn Porter, Janice Paige, Jim Hutton and Paula Prentice.

Bachelor in Paradise Filming Locations

Bachelor in Paradise was filmed around the San Fernando area. Paradise Village is a fictional community, and all the fake street signs depicted in the film cannot be used to locate the locations in question.

Hope’s home address is 22931 Brentford Street in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles.

There are not many trees, and those that are there are very few. Currently, the neighborhood is covered with huge, mature trees and plants. It is impossible to see the houses and mountains seen in the movie.

Asha stops at a suburban grocery store in the movie. The grocer in question was Hughes Market, located at 14620 Parthenia Street in the LA neighborhood of Panorama City.

The supermarket has been renovated and is now a Hispanic grocery store known as “El Super”. The market is located at 8231 Woodman Avenue near Panorama City, according to IMDB, although I don’t believe that’s the correct address.

Bachelor in Paradise Filming Locations
El Super (Credit: Metro Goldwyn Mayer)

neighborhood location

Although there is an eatery, I don’t believe it was seen in the movie. However, it is interesting to note that the market near 8231 is now a Filipino supermarket, turning both markets in this formerly “whitebread” neighborhood into two completely different ethnic supermarkets.

Hope goes to “Benny’s” drive-in diner in a scene from the movie. The restaurant was formerly located at 23130 Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills, now home to “Michael D’s,” a catering company. The area where all the residences are filmed is not far from here.

Does anyone have any memories of Benny’s Drive-In at Woodland Hills Eatery? I don’t know if the movie production team used the exterior of the building instead of creating a fake sign for the movie.

Later in the movie, Hope and Turner are seen at a bowling alley. This bowling alley was probably Woodlake Lane in Woodland Hills, part of Michael D’s catering establishment.

A bowling alley sign can be seen in the background of the Benny’s Drive-In photo, indicating that even in the movie, the diner and the alley were next to each other.

As a result of all the trouble she causes in Paradise Village, Asha has to appear in court at the last minute of the movie. The courthouse is located at 111 N Hill Street in downtown Los Angeles.

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