Babe Rexer opens up about VMS dilemma: People discussing her weight

Netizens trolling celebrities with body issues has become such a daily occurrence that it has led to an increase in anxiety and depression. Because of this, Babe Rexha has decided to pull out of MTV’s VMA event.

Bebe Rexha, who is set to present and is nominated at the 2023 MTV VMAs, spoke about her concerns ahead of the awards show.

The pop singer, 34, posted a TikTok post on Monday expressing her uncertainty about attending the Video Music Awards on Tuesday night because she was feeling extremely anxious.

Check out what Babe Rexha had to say in her video

In the video, the singer says that he is not sure if he will participate in the show or not. She mentioned that she had a beautiful dress ready for the event and she really wanted to wear it and celebrate her nomination and her friend’s nomination. But he feels anxiety getting the better of him.

She also said she lacked confidence about the event despite receiving a nomination in the Best Collaboration category for her song with David Guetta, “I’m Good (Blue)”.

She started her TikTok video by thanking her for being invited to the award show and feeling lucky to be doing what she’s passionate about. He admits that dealing with criticism is a natural part of his profession, and while he usually handles it well, he admits that, at times, it can get to him because, like everyone else, he’s only human.

Babe Rexha looks confident and confident as she trolls about her body weight (Credit: TooFab)

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Baby Rexha feels confident and carefree

She went on to explain that she wanted to bring it up because she met so many people, who often admired how she promoted body positivity and confidence. Rexha added, “I’m not feeling so confident right now.”

The “I’m Good” singer revealed her worries and stress about walking the red carpet. She mentions concerns about people discussing her weight and explains that she currently does not have the same level of self-love and confidence that she usually has when she feels her strong and confident self.

She explained her reason for sharing this message, saying, “Everyone has these days, and no one feels perfect”. He can get any motivational advice from his fans. The artist behind “Mint to Be” wrapped up by hinting that she might still make an appearance on the red carpet the following day.

Rex was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome

Earlier this year, Rexha revealed that she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition called PCOS, which often leads to weight gain. She has openly discussed how PCOS has affected her, including in a May interview on The Jennifer Hudson Show, where she described it as a challenging experience and noted how painful it was to read negative comments about her body on the Internet.

Babe Rexha
Bebe Rexha won’t be attending the 2023 MTV VMA Awards event (Credit: Just Jared)

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He shared with Hudson, who is 41, that when you’re in the public eye, these things are expected. She noted that she was thin but admitted that she had put on some weight, which is part of her profession. He explained that he is not upset about it because it is a fact, but reading such comments can have a negative effect.

Next, the singer-songwriter, who was injured when a fan threw a cell phone at him during a June performance, is addressing people who engage in body shaming on the Internet.

In a post on X in June, the artist behind “Break My Heart Myself” wrote that he is aware that he has gained weight and is tired of discussing it.

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