Ashoka Episode 4 Ending Explained: Is Ashoka Tano Dead?

The end of Ashoka’s fourth episode left fans confused as to what exactly happened with the return of Ashoka and Anakin. Created by Dave Filoni, the mini-series serving as a spin-off to The Mandalorian titled Ahsoka follows the adventures of Ahsoka Tano, a former Jedi, as she sets out to investigate an emerging threat following the fall of the Galactic Empire.

Based on the Star Wars characters by George Lucas, the series stars Rosario Dawson as Ashoka, the series protagonist and a former Jedi, with Natasha Liu Bordizo as Sabine, a graffiti artist and a Mandalorian warrior.

Mary Elizabeth as Hera; Ray Stevenson plays Belan Skull, a survivor of Order 66; Ivana Sakhno plays Shin Hati, Batlan’s apprentice; Diane Tennant plays Huang; Iman Esfandi stars as Ezra, a former thief and con artist, Evan Whitten stars as Jacen, son of Kanan and Hera, and Genevieve O’Reilly stars as Mon.

Audiences have fallen in love with Rosario’s performance as Ashok as he makes the part believable. Ashoka received mostly positive reviews from the audience for the power-packed performances of the cast and a solid plot line.

Mary as Hera [Credits- Disney+]

Releasing on August 22, 2023, Ashoka managed to capture the attention of the audience after its release on Disney+. Produced by John Bartnicki, the series consisted of four episodes with a runtime of 38–40 minutes.

The action-adventure series has garnered more than 14 million viewers since its release on Disney+. Ashoka is a two-part series, the first four episodes are slated to release in September, while the remaining episodes are expected to release in October.

One of the main reasons why Ashoka is popular among audiences is that it keeps the Star Wars elements truthful and to the point. The series is also known as Star Wars: Ashoka.

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Ashoka Episode 4: The End Explained

The episode begins with Sabine trying to connect with Ren Hera while Hwang tries to restart the transmitter before the elephant leaves in search of Ashok. Sabin informs Ashok that the comms are down and the primary power converter is still offline, thus preventing them from sending a distress signal.

Ashok informs Sabin that if they fail to find Ezra, no one else will, as the enemy has the means and maps to their planned destination. Sabine and Ashoka argue, with the former wanting to find Ezra while the latter thinks it’s better to lose Ezra than return the throne as heir to the Empire.

Rosario Dawson as Ashok [Credits- Disney+]

Ashok asks Sabin if he can trust him or if he will betray his trust. After sensing the tension between Sabi and Ashok, Huang arrives and questions Ashok about his feelings. Meanwhile, Belan prepares his men to attack the Jedi ship stuck in the jungle with Huang, Sabin, and Ashok.

While working to restart the spaceship, Huang is attacked by another robot. After the ship’s power goes out again, Ashok realizes that his team is in danger and takes out his lightsaber to fight off the attackers.

Ashok instructs Huang to prioritize the transmitter over anything else as they need to contact General Syndulla and Huang tells them to stay together. Ashok and Sabine head to Skull’s base, fearing that he might be able to figure out Thrawn’s location, but are intercepted by Marrok and the elephants.

The group engages in a battle that ends with Ashoka killing Marak, and Sabin stays behind to fend off Hathi when Hathi realizes Sabin cannot lead the force. Meanwhile, Hera and he disobeyed the leader’s orders and began their journey to Sitos.

Belan and his team try to figure out Thrawn’s coordinates when Ashoka arrives at their hideout. Ashok and Belan get into a fight before engaging in a duel, which ends with Ashok successfully retrieving the map.

Ashoka throws the map away after burning his hand, and is overpowered by Belan before he throws her into the sea while Wayne watches in horror, unable to do anything.

Still from Ashoka [Credits- Disney+]

After Belan pushes Ashok into the ocean, Sabine holds the map at gunpoint but is manipulated by Belan into not destroying it. Belan tricks Sabin into giving him the map by promising him that he will see Bridger again.

Is Ashoka dead?

Bylan uses the map to figure out the sub-coordinates of Thrawn and destroys the map before boarding the Eye of Sign with Sabine and the elephant captives. Meanwhile, Huang contacts Jason and Hera after repairing the transmitter, asking for their help.

A battalion of New Republic fighters led by General Hera arrives on Sitos to stop the freighter from jumping into hyperspace. A battalion led by Syndulla fails to stop Belan and his team from jumping into hyperspace.

Meanwhile, Huang tries to find Ashok on the sea shore by his name. Ashoka awakens in the World Between the Worlds, where he is reunited with his former master, Anakin. Overall, the ending of the fourth episode makes it clear that Ashoka is not dead and will return in the second episode to stop Belan.


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