Ascension Providence Rochester strike • Mel Tucker fired • Murder suspect caught after week-long manhunt

Nurses and radiology technologists at Ascension Providence Rochester are on strike this week over alleged unfair labor practices.

There is an allegation against the hospital that these employees are being locked up and threatened with arrest. According to OPEIU Local 40, the hospital plans to bring in strikebreakers from an out-of-state firm.

“Regardless of the planned duration of the strike, we are contractually required to work a minimum of four days for the replaced registered nursing and radiology technologist workers beginning on the first day of the strike. Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital has represented registered nurses. And radiology technologists will be temporarily replaced beginning on the first day of the strike,” the hospital said. This is stated in his contingency plan.

Several unfair labor practice cases against hospitals are currently being investigated by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Contract negotiations have been ongoing since last year, and the union says its membership hasn’t grown in years.

“It is our hope that this situation serves as a wake-up call to the administration, urging them to reassess their priorities and proactively address the concerns raised for the safety and security of patients. The well-being of patients should always be at the forefront of any healthcare organization, and now is the time that Administration aligns its actions with these essential principles and core Catholic values,” said Deanna Carlisle, OPEIU Regional Vice President and Local 40 President.

MSU’s Mel Tucker fired over sexual harassment allegations

Michigan State University head football coach Mel Tucker has been fired after a sexual harassment lawyer was accused of sexual harassment.

In April 2022, Tucker was accused of masturbating during a phone call with activist Brenda Tracy. She told investigators she did it but called it consensual “phone sex.”

Tracy speaks to college teams about sexual violence and has spoken to Tucker athletes numerous times.

The university first learned of the development in December 2022 and an outside investigation was conducted. The report of that investigation was published in July.

A formal hearing will be held October 5-6. During this hearing, which will be similar to a bench trial, the future of money will be determined.

Bucks is at risk of losing his 10-year, $95 million contract.

“This action to place Mel Tucker on unpaid leave is equally necessary and appropriate in today’s circumstances,” said MSU Interim President Teresa Woodruff.

The murder suspect was caught after a week-long manhunt

A man accused of murdering his mother in Inkster was arrested this weekend.

Joshua Hill, 25, was arrested in Detroit. Police say he had a gun with him when he was found.

Hill’s mother was found shot multiple times at her home in Glenwood, near Middlebelt, on Sept. 4.

Neighbor Teresa McNea said the family was kind, church-going and normal but called Hill different.

“Their son, Josh, must have had some mental issues. He put himself in there for 2 1/2 years. He didn’t talk to anybody on this block,” she said.

Man shot by girlfriend’s mother after following woman to parents’ house

A domestic situation in Redford on Sunday led to a shooting in Southfield, police say.

According to police, a couple got into an argument at Redford’s home before the man took the woman to her parents’ home in the 22100 block of Twickingham Way in Southfield.

An argument ensued between the man and the woman’s parents before a Cpl Holder mother pulled out a gun and shot the man. He suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Investigation is ongoing.

UAW strike deadline nears

Time is running out for the UAW and the Big Three to reach an agreement before workers strike.

“If we don’t get our justice, I can guarantee you one thing — come midnight this Thursday, there will be action,” said UAW President Sean Fein.

Ford, General Motors, Stellantis and the union are negotiating as they work to reach an agreement and avoid a strike. So far, none of the automakers’ offers have come close to what the union is looking for.

The union’s demands include a 46% pay increase, a 32-hour work week with 40 hours of pay, and restoration of traditional pensions for new hires, among other demands. See what they want here.

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Monday will be mostly cloudy with showers.

What else are we looking at?

  1. Detroit People Mover will be closed September 11th and 13th
  2. Michigan gas prices averaged six cents lower than last week and about 10 cents lower than this time a month ago.
  3. Two people have been killed and two others wounded in a shooting in Rosemont near Joy, Detroit.
  4. A suspicious device found in the wheel well of a car in Wayne led to a bomb squad response. Investigation is ongoing.
  5. The American Red Cross is encouraging people to donate blood in times of need.

Hurricane Lee remains bracketed for possible East Coast impact as a major hurricane

Hurricane Lee is still a major, major hurricane as it moves into the southwest Atlantic. According to Fox Weather, dangerous surf and rip currents have begun along much of the East Coast, which will worsen throughout the week.

Citing a report from the National Hurricane Center, Fox Weather noted that sustained winds were around 120 mph, making the storm a Category 3 on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

FOX Weather notes that while the storm will be far enough away from the Caribbean islands to have any direct impact, dangerous surf and deadly rip currents are already sweeping the Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico. These conditions will continue to spread over Hispaniola, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas and Bermuda in the coming days.

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