Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 20: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

One of the most loved and hated series titled “Ancient Aliens” was released by the History Channel on March 8, 2009 for viewers to enjoy as viewers speculated whether it was scripted or real. The series explores the pseudoscientific hypothesis of ancient aliens in a non-critical documentary format.

The series also explores pseudoscientific and pseudohistorical topics such as the pyramids, Atlantis and other lost civilizations, and other lost conspiracies. Narrated by Robert Clotworthy, the series spanned 19 seasons with 239 episodes.

The series has caught the attention of viewers as many of them think that the series is fictional or scripted. Produced by Kevin Barnes, David Silver and Susan Leventhal, the series’ episodes range from 90 to 60 minutes. Prometheus Entertainment worked on the series production.

The ardent fans of the series are jumping with excitement to know when the next episode of the series will be released. Each episode of the series deals with men confusing historical artifacts, literature and excavation sites with dubious credentials that pose a challenge to one’s understanding before attributing them to extraterrestrial origins.

Giorgio is an ancient astronaut theorist [Credits: History Channel]

The series has drawn viewers’ attention to how aliens have influenced human civilization to some extent throughout the ages. Each episode of the series features excavation sites, artifacts, historical sites and objects that have an interesting story behind them.

The series has been able to entertain the audience ever since it aired on History Channel. Historians have criticized the series over time for promoting and presenting pseudoscience and pseudoarcheology as information to viewers.

Even guest appearances in episodes of the series have openly expressed doubts about the premise of the series. The series brings viewership from people, thus the reason behind it still airing.

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Ancient Aliens Season 19 Recap

A lot has happened since the series’ 19th season aired, with researchers examining alien spaceships that touch our planetary system to speculate about extraterrestrial life.

The series focuses on promoting pseudo-scientific and pseudo-historical issues throughout the episodes. Each episode of the series focuses on talking about UFOs, artifacts, etc. The first episode of the series focuses on discussions about UFO sightings. It talks about studies showing that about 70% of all UFO sightings occur in so-called hotspots.

The second phase focuses on the creation of more than 10,000 crop circles documented in more than 50 countries. The second phase raises questions such as the connection between external origins and crop circles. It also exhibited characteristics that defied conventional interpretations of crop circles.

Ancient Aliens
Still from ancient aliens [Credits: History Channel]

The third episode deals with the discovery of an ancient megalithic site called Karahan Tepe in southern Turkey. The site was able to turn heads due to its display of engineering skills that were beyond the capabilities of humans at the time.

The fourth episode describes the colossal obelisks of ancient Egypt weighing hundreds of tons, each perfectly carved from a single granite rock.

The episode discusses how, while mainstream scholars identify the towering obelisk as a monument to the pharaohs, ancient astronaut theorists talk about technological purposes that could be a way to communicate with God.

Episode five talks about The Mutual UFO Network, an organization dedicated to the scientific investigation of unidentified aerial phenomena and other unexplained encounters.

After several similar discussions about the connection between our planet and extraterrestrials, the three episodes before the penultimate continue the same story. Episode 17 talks about UFOs moving from science to mainstream obsession. It also speaks of a new generation of UFO hunters who are using incredible technology.

The 18th episode talked about people who believe that everyday objects can hold hidden power. The 19th episode sees ancient aliens count down the top ten mysteries of the deep, from sunken continents to astonishing ruins.

Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 20 Preview

In an upcoming episode titled “The Top Ten Alien Petroglyphs,” guests and historians talk about the top ten alien petroglyphs they’ve seen from around the world. The episode will also talk about the strange human and UFO sightings they have witnessed.

Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 20 Release Date

Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 20 will air on September 15, 2023 at 09:00 PM [E.T.] on History Channel for viewers to enjoy. The episode will run for 60 minutes and the series is expected to have 20 episodes, so it will be the last episode to air before the end of the season. Episodes are released on a weekly schedule, with a new episode released every Friday.

  • In India – 6:30 am [I.S.T.] on September 16, 2023
  • In the US – at 9:00 p.m [E.T.] On September 15, 2023
  • In Australia – 11:00 AM [A.E.S.T.] on September 16, 2023
  • In Korea – 10:00 am [K.S.T.] on September 16, 2023
  • In Japan – 10 am [J.S.T.] on September 16, 2023

Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 20: Streaming Guide

Avid fans of the series living in the US can access episodes on the History Channel. Episodes are also available on Netflix, Roku, Hulu, Pure Flix, and Hoopla. Subscription streaming services like Sling, Philo, and Live TV also stream episodes. If you have a friend who lives in the US, ask them to borrow their credentials for a day or two.

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