All Rise Season 3 Episode 11: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Well, who doesn’t love to follow the lives of judges or prosecutors in and out of the courthouse? A series based on a similar concept titled All Rise by Greg Spottiswoode was released on September 23, 2019.

The series focuses on the personal lives of public defenders, judges and prosecutors in Los Angeles courts. The plot follows Judge Lola Carmichael, a newly appointed judge and a glamorous former deputy district attorney who has no intention of returning to the bench in her newly appointed role.

He likes to push boundaries and challenge the expectations of judges. CBS released the first season of the series before it was picked up by OWN for a third season. Viewers are drawn into the series as prosecutors and judges journey to learn new legal terms and the punishments they entail.

Steal From All Rise Season-3 [Credits- OWN]

Due to the demand of the viewers, the series returned with a third season after two successful seasons. The legal drama stars Simone Missick as Lola Carmichael, a former prosecutor and newly appointed judge, and Wilson Bethel as Mark Callan, a deputy district attorney and Lola’s best friend.

Jessica Camacho plays Emily Lopez, the county public defender; J. Alex Brinson plays Luke Watkins, a deputy sheriff; Ruthie Ann Miles plays Sherry Cansky; Sara Castillo is played by Lindsey Mendez.

Emily Lopes’ friend, Marg Helgenberg, plays Lisa Benner, Lindsey Gort plays Amy Quinn, and Reggie Lee plays Thomas Choi. Produced by Greg Spottiswoode and Sunil Nair, the series has a total of 48 episodes with a run time of 43 minutes.

The drama has caught the attention of viewers as many of them feel that the series has potential to grow. The legal drama is based on Steve Bogira’s Courtroom 302.

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All Rise Season 3 Episode 10 – Recap

The previous episode titled “Fire and Rain” saw Lola and Robin as a couple trying to resolve their issues. The episode featured Mark and Teddy confronting Brandon Page at the Grab Trial along with Emily’s client Maddy.

The episode opens with Lola having sex with Robin and everything seems to be great. Meanwhile, Luke and Emily share a cute moment together at the Hall of Justice before Luke informs Emily that his former boss wants to have a word with him at the public defender’s office.

all rise
Simone Misick as Lola [Credits- OWN]

Amy is surprised when Collier, her ex-husband, shows up at Audubon and Quinn’s office, and Amy’s husband sets up a meeting with Collier. Meanwhile, Amy is questioned by Collier about her reason for hiding the fact that they signed the divorce papers long ago.

On her second attempt, Vanessa is delighted to discover she passed the bar exam. Teddy and Mark prepare for their first day in court in the Brandon Page case. The smarmy US Attorney tries to appeal directly to Emily’s client Maddie by giving her a protective custody order. Emily, along with Mark, convinces Maddie that she’s okay before the US Attorney swans in.

Meanwhile, Vanessa notices Brandon’s friend Leo Sykes looking suspicious in an elevator at HOJ. Meanwhile, in courtroom 802, Lola’s ex Andre Armstrong is representing Page and blindsides everyone in court by filing a motion to suppress all evidence from the search warrant.

Mark applies for more time after Lola’s motion to dismiss is granted. Meanwhile, Ness confronts Leon on the stairs before being stabbed, leaving a trail of blood behind as Lola drags Andre into her chambers. Mark gets chewed out by Bravo for the mistake he made with the search warrant.

Bravo threatens Mark to hand over the case to a team of US attorneys before Mark finally falls asleep, saying he can’t find an easy way out. The episode follows several steps in the case of Brandon Page.

The episode ends with an exhausted Mark returning to the office before All Rise finally reveals what happened to Teddy. Meanwhile, Sarah holds an injured Teddy on the floor of an empty bullpen before a shocked Mark calls for help.

As Andre tries to comfort Lola, the two share a heated kiss before Robin approaches them. The episode ends with Robin walking out on a heated kiss shared between Lola and Robin.

All Rise Season 3- Episode 11 – Preview

The upcoming episode titled “Unwanted Guest” will pick up where Robin caught Lola kissing her ex. Meanwhile, Ness will be in the ICU while Amy and Mark take a step forward in the case. Emily returns to the public defender’s office, and Sherry gets an unexpected visit. The upcoming episode will be filled with twists and turns.

All Rise Season 3- Episode 11 – Release Date

The eleventh episode of the third season will air on September 16, 2023, at 8:00 PM [E.T.]. The episode will run for 43 minutes and the series is expected to have 20 episodes. Episodes are released on a weekly schedule, with new episodes airing every Tuesday.

  • 5:30 – AM in India [I.S.T.] On September 17, 2023
  • In the United States – at 8:00 p.m [E.T.] on September 16, 2023
  • In UK – 12:00 AM [G.M.T.] On September 17, 2023
  • In Australia – 10:00 am [A.C.T.] On September 17, 2023
  • In Korea – 9:00 am [K.S.T.] On September 17, 2023
  • In Japan – 09:00 AM [J.S.T.] On September 17, 2023

All Rise Season 3 Episode 11: Streaming Guide

If you’re in the US, fans of the series can access the episode on OWN, but if you’re out of the country, you’ll need the help of a VPN or borrow credentials from a friend who lives in the US. Episodes of the series are also available on FuboTV, Philo, DirectTV on Stream, YouTube TV, and Hulu. You will need a subscription to the aforementioned streaming platforms to access the episodes.

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