Al Pacino’s Break Up From Noor Alfallah: What Happened?

News of Al Pacino’s breakup with Noor Alfallah is ruling the internet. This reportedly happened just three months after they welcomed their child. Is it true? Not to mention, their divorce proceedings called for custody negotiations for their newborn son. We will talk about it later. But what happened between Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah?

Al Pacino hardly needs any introduction. Popularly known as “The Godfather”, he has been doing wonders in the film industry since 1967. He is currently 83 years old. Some of Al Pacino’s notable acting credits are Glengarry Glen Ross, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, House of Gucci, The Merchant of Venice, Phil Spector and You Don’t Know Jack.

Being a huge fan of Al Pacino, haven’t you seen his latest movie – Knox Goes Away? He played Xavier in this thriller. Not everyone knows that he is also a director who made his debut in 1996- Looking for Richard.

Over the years, Al Pacino has shared romance with many. These include – Jill Clayberg, Tuesday Weld, Lyndall Hobbs, Martha Keller and many more. Last year, she started dating Noor Alfallah, who is a producer by profession.

Not everyone knows that he is 54 years younger than him. As mentioned above, they share a son, for whom they are facing a custody battle. What’s up with Al Pacino’s breakup? Here is your answer.

Al Pacino: The Godfather Actor (Credit: Queen City News)

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Al Pacino’s Break Up: How True Is It?

Before talking about Noor Alfallah and Al Pacino’s split, let’s briefly know when and how things started between the two. Well, it was April 2022 when Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah were romantically linked to each other. After more than a decade of dating, in June, they welcomed their son – Roman.

Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah first sparked dating rumors after they were spotted together at Felix Trattoria in Los Angeles. Things were going great. What happened suddenly?

Al Pacino’s girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, has filed for sole physical custody of Roman. Apart from this, one must remember that he agreed to share Joint legal custody with godfather. This will allow the actor to pay fees for medicine and education. After this, speculations of Al Pacino’s breakup with Noor Alfallah surfaced. But that is not true. What?

Al Pacino's break up from Noor Alfallah
Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah are still together and very much in love (Credit: Telegraph)

Yes! Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah are still together. Their alleged separation had nothing to do with their submission to Roman custody. There was no division. Moreover, in reality, it seemed that Noor was very serious and caring towards her son. Reportedly, love birds Successfully worked together and agreed on mutual contractual terms.

Overall, we can say that Al Pacino’s break up was some people’s speculation and a hoax. He is still very much in love with his young girlfriend Noor and vice versa. Initially, the news of Al Pacino’s break up came as a shock to his fans. The reason was just three months after welcoming their son Roman. It wasn’t really a happening assumption.

Also, we should take care that some conclusions are quite wrong until it is lame and confirmed by the parties. Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah were busy with Roman legal proceedings. Neither of them ever mentioned anything about their breakup.

Good luck to Al Pacino! Don’t forget to follow The Godfather on his Instagram account for more updates. Good to know Al Pacino breakup news was fake. We hope his relationship with Noor will remain strong like this forever.

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