A time you described a happy ending: Was it a happy ending?

Let’s find out how the new K drama ended in A Time Called You Happy Ending Explained. An attempt to incorporate science fiction aspects of the Netflix original K-drama series A Time Called You into the story.

This drama heavily involves time travel, which causes a ton of confusion. In the world of A Time Called You, characters often travel in each other’s bodies. Han Joon-hee and Kwon Min-joo, two opposite personalities, are bound together by fate.

The fact that their realities were so different opened up a world of possibilities for them to look similar.

Han Joon-hee, then 36, had recently lost her partner Ku Yeon-joon in a plane crash. Even a year after the tragedy, Joon-hee finds it difficult to accept her death and move on with her life.

He was even more disappointed to learn that Yeon-joon had prepared the perfect proposal and surprise for him.

When Joon-hee finds a vintage photograph of two boys, a girl she resembles, and a third man, things start to get weird in her life. Joon-hee was unable to remember the picture.

He did some research online and discovered that the owner of the record store where the photo was taken also ran a cafe in Seoul.

Joon-hee discovers that the girl in the picture is her niece Min-joo, who died in 1998 when she meets Malik and shows him the picture.

It was difficult for Joon-hee to understand why he received the text, and inexplicably, he also received a tape recorder and a cassette from an unknown source.

He decided to listen to the song while returning home. He was transported to 1998 as soon as the “Tears” album began to play.

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A Time Called You Happy Ending Explained

When Joon-hee wakes up in a hospital bed as Min-joo in 1998, she is startled. He was even more shocked to discover a young Yen-jun waiting by the bedside. He was a stranger to Yeon-joon, who then said that he was Si-hyeon.

Si-hyeon and Yeon-joon shared similar looks, but they weren’t the same person. Yeon-joon was 11 years old in 1998, and it is revealed in A Time Called You that she was not completely involved in the events of the drama.

When Joon-hee wakes up as Min-joo she tries to make sense of the events. He was positive that Si-hyeon and Yeon-joon were somehow connected, but he was unsure of the specifics. Min-joo was a shy high school student who suffered severe loneliness and bullying from her own family as well as other girls.

But everything changes when Joon-hee starts living as Min-joo. The extroverted Joon-hee was much more intelligent and good at sports than Min-joo. Min-joo’s two friends, Si-hyeon and In-gyu, find his sudden change in personality strange.

As an introvert, In-gyu had a thing for Min-joo and could identify with her struggles. Si-hyeon helps In-gyu befriend Min-joo, but he doesn’t know that Min-joo prefers him over his withdrawn friend.

Before Joon-hee accepts her body, Min-joo confesses her romantic affection to Si-hyun, but she rejects his offer.

He didn’t share those feelings and had no intention of betraying his best friend. In-gyu overhears the exchange and despite being devastated, tries to keep his friendship with Si-hyeon and Min-joo intact.

When Min-joo arrives home that evening, his entire family is gone. Min-joo believed her mother had abandoned her and taken her brother. Out of anger he decides to find his mother. He had an accident while running down the street looking for a cab.

A Time Called You Happy (Credit: Netflix)

He wasn’t himself when he woke up since Joon-hee entered his body through time travel. He was told by police that he was hit in the back of the head with a blunt object and not by accident.

People believed that Min-joo was completely changed as a result of the experience. After Si-hyun expresses interest in the changed Min-joo and asks about the reason for the sudden change in his behavior, Joon-hee replies that he lives in Min-joo’s body from the future and the present.

Si-hyeon has no faith in him at first, but over time he comes around. Only time travel can cause Minju’s massive transformation. Joon-hee realizes that the reason she lives Min-joo’s life is to figure out a way to save Min-joo from being killed on October 13, 1998.

He realizes that whoever attacked Min-joo is also responsible for his death. As she had a vague memory of being attacked by a boy in her school uniform, she concluded that the person was someone from her school.

After some time, Joon-hee discovers that he can travel through time if he uses the tape recorder given to him to listen to the “Tears” album.

Even after assuming that Yeon-joon had survived the disaster and was trying to communicate with him, he found it difficult to make a connection between Yeon-joon and Min-joo.

Joon-hee returns to the cafe in search of information after spending days trying to solve the mystery, and there she finally encounters Yeon-joon (Si-hyeon).

Si-Hyun was involved in a bus accident in 2002, which left him with serious injuries and a permanently paralyzed leg, as revealed in A Time Called You.

A Time Called You Happy
A Time Called You Happy (Credit: Netflix)

Si-hyeon is at the cafe when Joon-hee asks for information. In 2002, after he returned from the United States, he tried to visit In-gyu in a South Korean prison. In-gyu is imprisoned for Min-joo’s murder after confessing to the crime.

Si-hyeon doesn’t lose faith in her friend In-gyu, even though he was found guilty. After refusing to meet with Si-hyeon, In-gyu boards a bus to go back to his hotel.

He and In-gyu give Min-joo the cassette that Min-joo once gave him on the tape recorder.

When the bus he was riding in crashes, the recorder leaves a recording, sending Si-hyun to 2007, when he wakes up as Yeon-joon. He soon finds out that Yeon-joon got into a car accident while her crush Tae-ha was the driver.

Yeon-joon survived the accident, but Si-hyeon had already started inhabiting her body because Tae-ha didn’t. Si-hyun’s only wish after coming out of Yeon-joon’s body was to meet Joon-hee.

He wanted to be sure to tell Joon-hee the truth this time because he couldn’t see him again after Min-joo left.

Si-heon is determined to build a relationship with Joon-hee because that’s how the story will end, and he heard about Koo Yeon-joon before through Han Joon-hee (Min-joo). Not to mention that Joon-hee was clueless about her relationship with Min-joo.

When Si-hyeon (Yeon-joon) declares her love for him when they first meet, Joon-hee is basically scared. Si-hyeon Joon-hee (Min-joo) talked about how her boyfriend Yeon-joon finally started their relationship because she was always there for him and never forced him to date her.

When Si-hyun did the same, Joon-hee finally fell in love with him. This makes it clear that Si-hyeon, who was the person inhabiting Yeon-joon’s body, was the person Joon-hee fell in love with rather than Yeon-joon.

It was the connection between Si-hyeon and Joon-hee. Joon-hee leaves to work in New York before Si-hyun marries her. Si-hyun (Yeon-joon) intended to surprise her in New York, but she was killed in a plane crash.

A Time Called You Happy
A Time Called You Happy (Credit: Netflix)

As a result, Si-hyeon (Yeon-joon’s soul) returned to her body after her physical body died in 2002. At the end of After a Time Called You, we learned that Si-hyeon and Joon-hee were still strangers, at least on the surface. Si-hyun eventually founded a webcomic business. He meets Joon-hee on the bus ride home.

In the music of the bus, the song that connected all their timelines was playing and was familiar with Joon-hee’s words. Si-hyun exits the bus and follows Joon-hee.

He wasn’t sure why he was attracted to her, but he soon concluded that they had a mystical bond that he couldn’t risk losing.

The two faced each other while standing in the middle of the street, hinting at a possible future they could share. Although they had no memory of their history, they had a range of emotions.

They were brought together by fate, showing that no matter what decisions they made in life, they would eventually find each other.

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